The Bold & the Beautiful on TEN for life

The Forrester, Logan and Spencer families are set for life with Network TEN.


TEN has announced an “historic lifetime programming deal” that will give it Australian rights for The Bold and the Beautiful for its entire run.

TEN first aired B&B on November 23, 1987, where it continues to satiate diehard soap fans in its 4:30pm timeslot -sometimes even upstaging primetime shows on the network. It once even tested the series in a 6pm slot over summer.

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “For nearly three decades, Australians have followed the entangled lives of the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families on TEN. We’re thrilled that TEN will always be the Australian home of The Bold and the Beautiful.

Executive Producer and Head Writer, Bradley P. Bell, said: “This lifetime broadcast deal is possible thanks to the special chemistry we share with Australian viewers and an outstanding broadcast partner like Network TEN, for which we are grateful. In television, a long-term commitment like this is rare. We are elated to celebrate this amazing joint achievement.”

The Bold and the Beautiful claims to be world’s most-watched daytime television series, seen daily by an estimated audience of 35 million people in over 100 countries.

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  1. Wow wahoooo! Shame it is such a joke of a program. shame it is on at that time When investment should be made into producing something of quality and local. Preferably something infomative for kids. Wonder world was great show for kids years ago.

  2. I find it hilarious on Ten’s FB wall as to why B&B isn’t on today. Those viewers may need to rethink instead of attacking Ten why the show isn’t on today. Do they not check the EPG throughout the day? They just automatically assume it will be on Mon-Fri at 4.30.

  3. Seriously Ten, can’t you just double up episodes for a month and we’ll be caught up with the US and you can express from the US the way Foxtel does with Days of Our Lives.

    In this internet age we should not be 2 months behind! Go on, do it!

  4. Monday next week should be a double episode to make up for not coming on today. To me it’s seems strange that Bold is on Ten while Neighbours airs on ELEVEN. Are the encore showings at 7.30am weekdays edited or uncensored?

      1. Not really. Because technically it wasn’t in the guide at all to be shown today, where as if it was there would have been double eps on the following day. There are strict guidelines what you have just mention @aussie as the show on tenplay is just a carbon copy of what airs on Ten and there is nothing Ten can do about 7.30am or 4.30pm because that is the rules of TV.

        1. @William.TEN can give us an unedited repeat broadcast somewhere in the schedule whether that be on ONE, ELEVEN or indeed TEN. In addition, the TENplay platform is not governed by the same broadcast classification guidelines therefore unedited content can be uploaded. We got unedited episodes online up until 3 years ago, however new management at TEN saw fit to remove this privilege.

    1. No. Its premium motorsport. Which is far more superior then the show. Ten has to show it live under the contract with V8 Supercars on Ten for 6 big events Seven showed the event on the main channel, why complain about Ten?

      1. I’m complaining that TEN has dropped one of their more successful shows for “premium” motor sport when they are supposed to have a HD channel and One is/was supposed to be a “sport” channel. Don’t really care what Seven did. Am talking about TEN.
        And TEN, with perfect timing, makes this announcement on the day that they’ve dropped B&B.

        1. No offence, but little hypocritical by you. It has to be simulcast live on TEN and FOX Sports. There was an article a few years ago that the network was ‘only’ interested in buying sports for TEN and this was one of them. 7 rarely used 7mate for the 6 big events. One might just transform into TEN HD. How is TEN suppose to know that they were going to sign a deal today?

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