Too many ads? Entire Gallipoli series now on Stan

A bold move by Nine sees the full series of its flagship drama available on its streaming service.

2014_03_28_Gallipoli Ep 1_53_0082Last night social media was complaining about “too many ads” during Nine’s Gallipoli premiere.

But there’s good news -the entire series is now available on Stan.

All seven parts (incl. 1 double ep) were made available immediately following the premiere last night, in a deal between Stan, Endemol and the Nine Network.

It claims to be the first time Australian television audiences have been able to watch the entire series of a major network drama production first on a streaming service (ABC has previously offered comedy titles).

The service offers a free one month trial for new customers ahead of a $10 monthly fee.

Gallipoli truly is a landmark television event and we’re thrilled to make the complete seven-part drama available first on Stan, thanks to our partnership with Endemol and the Nine Network,” Mike Sneesby, CEO of Stan, said.

Nick Forward, Stan’s Content and Product Director, said: “We have been working behind the scenes for a long time with Endemol and the Nine Network to make this possible. This is an important part of our strategy to bring original Australian productions to Stan.”

All episodes are now available to stream, in up to full HD, on multiple devices including TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers.

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  1. I think this is a very clever move by Stan(oh how I wished they’d named it something else)
    People who want it with no ads will be happy not only that but they get to see it and then talk about it before anyone else which if its good causes buzz but if its not they may well help kill future ratings.

  2. @tvf. A good point. However, TV viewers are moving towards “I want it when I’m ready”. PVR’s are “old style” thinking. Video streaming to hand held devices appears to be the answer. In this case, I would have thought that new eps of Big Bang Theory more appropriate than Gallipoli. BTW, the latest PVR has streaming capabilities, both receiving and transmitting !

  3. I’m just glad that it’s still going to air on nine I thought it was so good,acting was great with kodi Smit McPhee & Matt Nable is awesome it’s so cool that he is playing Ra’s Al Ghul in arrow

  4. Nine is a co-owner of Stan and would call the shots. Nine didn’t discuss streaming rights when it commissioned the series? Streaming before broadcast is a bold move which I would call sucker-bait. Streaming is the future of TV and Nine knows it, unfortunately, so do the advertisers!

  5. I don’t plan to watch this but out of curiosity I checked jump in to see if the 1st ep was available as yet. It wasn’t available. Is this a sign of things to come? Delay posting free to air content on jump in or not post it there at all in favour of their paid streaming service.

    1. I haven’t used Jump In for ages but Nine were always slow to make content available, sometimes taking a couple of days. I seem to recall others complaining about the delay more recently.

  6. I thought the point of using a streaming service is to watch content not currently available on free to air, not to provide another vehicle to air content currently available on free to air.

  7. Massive play by Nine! Shows the management team is fully committed to ensuring they’re one of the surviving and eventually profitable SVOD players.

    They should be commended for looking to the future rather than preserving the past and will likely be rewarded in the long run.

    I don’t mind Presto’s back catalogue, but given Foxtel don’t really produce drama like they used to (a la HBO/Showtime made for cable quality), I don’t think I’ll sign up for the service as HBO’s slate is diminishing and all the other subscription players in the States are producing plenty which is now placing outside Foxtel.

    Netflix will be producing 20 originals a year within a couple of years – If I were Newscorp and Foxtel was the golden goose on the failing newspaper side of the business, I’d be very worried.

  8. @simmo3 – Cause Channel 9 fought for it. If you read David’s previous story it seems ABC couldn’t care less.
    Its Commercial TV of course it is gonna have Ads. I guess that’s what you get when you don’t have to pay to watch TV

    1. @JM – Nine has deeper pockets than the ABC! FTA in Oz costs $5Billion a year, ever wondered how much is coming out of your pocket? Google gets paid $1Million every 5 minutes, guess how much from you. Nothing is “Free” in our world!

      1. @Bogues – It’s not Nine’s fault that their main channel is SD. The Govt won’t allow the Networks main channel to be HD because of non-HD STB’s. Nine need local content on their main channel. Simulcasting in HD would have split the audience and affected the ratings and revenue, ad rates are lower on GEM.

        1. They can still simulcast it on GEM if they want to. Nothing technical stopping them from doing it. They did it with the toilet block in the first week.

          I won’t be watching this on nine but looking forward to Foxtels Gallipoli program later in the year. Will be in HD.

          1. It’s psychological warfare and we’re caught in the middle. If a network suddenly changes it’s ad rates, the others will find out, get suspicious and employ counter-measures. Our EPG’s are peppered with TBA’s which keep us in the dark as well. This whole HD and TBA mess is in the Fed’s court but our “Minister For TV” has other things on his mind!

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