Update: Empire, Elementary.

New and returning US shows are now out of TEN schedule.

2015-02-12_0002TEN has made changes to its schedule before the first week of ratings is up, opting not to premiere Empire on Sunday replaced with NCIS: New Orleans.

Empire has already undergone several changes including initially planned as an ELEVEN series, then scheduled on Thursdays, moved to Sundays and now out of schedule -all before the first episode airs.

Update: It now premieres on Sunday March 1st at 10pm.

Elementary  was due to premiere on Monday is now out replaced with a Law and Order: SVU replay.

Update: It now airs 10pm Monday March 2nd.

It’s not clear why TEN has withdrawn the shows but without adequate momentum it may well have been throwing away two strong shows.

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  1. I just read the news that Empire’s ratings has continued to grow in the US, this week’s episode has reached a 18-49 demo rating of 5.2 with total audience of 13 million. Not many American dramas get that level of ratings in their first seasons. I think Ten should reconsider the 10pm timeslot for Empire, I suggest it should swap timeslots with NCIS: New Orleans to benefit from the Shark Tank lead-in.

  2. The term “adequate momentum” assumes the viewer is watching the previous programming ie usually reality dross, probably some viewers do, definitely some viewers don’t. The low act by Ch10 to move Elementary to 02MAR15 is quite frustrating when the viewer is trying to cobble together their viewing. There is, however, a third viewer who doesn’t care what the networks do and PVR’s everything and stores it in HDD’s for future viewing, after converting it to MP4 of course. The chaos and dysfunctionality of Aussie tv is mind-boggling

  3. Nine schedules their shows using a dart board but at least they usually have people throwing the darts. Ten appears to have headless chooks. No vision, no sense of direction, and no idea.

  4. According to Tens website both Empire and Elementary will premiere in their previously announced time slots, just 2 weeks later. Empire is set to premiere Sunday March 1st at 10pm with Elementary returning the following night at 10pm.

  5. And Ten has already dumped its 7:30pm One lineups for the I’m A… simulcasts. So White Collar lasted one week this time.
    Basically there is no point in trying to launch new shows while no one is watching your contest show because they are all watching MKR.

    1. Yep I ended up PVRing I’m A Celebrity twice. Surely One could dump the millionth repeat of MASH to screen their 7.30 offering at 6.30? And show us Psych too, don’t care if its at 2pm weekdays.

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