Update: Empire. Gone: NCIS: New Orleans.

2015-02-20_2315I’ve lost track of the amount of changes Empire has had before its premiere, but it finally seems to have a more sensible timeslot.

It will now premiere 9pm Sunday March 1st, replacing NCIS: New Orleans which is out of schedule after this Sunday night.

Empire has been variously proposed for ELEVEN, Thursday nights, last Sunday and 10pm, but fingers crossed it finds an audience in the latest slot.


  1. The promo for Empire last night said a 10pm start next Sunday. If that’s is the case then 10 have killed this show already, such a stupid time to launch a new show and one of the biggest in the US at the moment. Is there anyone at 10 that knows what they are doing?

  2. Probably because there were only 15 episodes on season 1 and there weren’t many left to show. But I really hope it comes back on soon. NCIS: New Orleans is a pretty good show.

  3. Excellent timeslot, now hopefully they can promote it decently.

    I think it was a silly idea to have 3 NCIS franchises on air at the same time. It would make much more sense to air two now and then have the other swoop in during winter to replace the original on Tuesdays.

    • I disagree. I would prefer they air it rather than make viewers wait. Not everyone watches all three NCIS. I think NCIS and NCIS NO would’ve been a better pairing on Tuesday nights as they are similar shows whereas NCIS LA is quite different and maybe could’ve been scheduled elsewhere.

  4. Why don’t they put NCIS: New Orleans into either the 9:30pm Tuesday or 10:30pm Tuesday timeslot? Right now 10:30pm Tuesday is a NCIS: LA repeat. Then we can have an all-night NCIS Tuesday.

  5. Finally! Took them long enough

    Now hopefully they give it a halfway decent amount of promotion. 12 million viewers and a 5.1 rating in the 18-49 demo came from a strong marketing campaign in the US

    The show starts out good in the first episode but becomes must see TV by episode 3. And there’s only 11 episodes in the first season

    • You should re-read your comment. On the one hand you say it’s a ratings smash in the US (and presumably should be given a prime time slot by Ten) then you say it won’t rate here (so why would they give it a prime time slot). Perhaps this is precisely why the programmers are struggling to find the best time for this show.

  6. NCIS: NO probably needs to be placed on Tuesday night to get the regular NCIS crowd watching it.
    Though, this means waiting for one of the existing two to finish.

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