Will Nine bid for next AFL rights?

Speculation today that Nine may not bid for the next AFL broadcasting rights, but focus on NRL.

2015-02-17_1429There is speculation today that Nine may not bid for the 2017-2021 AFL broadcasting rights.

News Corp suggests Nine may focus on NRL because of it’s importance in NSW and Queensland, and that “they can’t afford both.”

But not having Nine in the bidding could mean a $1.75B price tag is harder to reach. The last deal negotiated for Seven and Foxtel was worth $1.25B.

An industry source tells the newspaper a more realistic outcome would see Seven and TEN join forces with a final price tag of about $1.4 billion.

But FOX Sports would want to be in there boots and all.

A new deal is likely to begin after TEN’s immediate future is resolved.

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  1. The only thing that made channel 10’s coverage good was HD.. If channel 7 got off there ass and said ok all matches are going to be shown in HD live on 7mate with no ad breaks siren to siren it would be soo much better and none of you people would complain, I just don’t think they will do that though unfortunately! Yes one thing I can say about 7 is they love the footy.. Look at Bruice Mcavaney they way he talks about his delicious Cyril Rioli is proof enough so they not gonna give up the rights easy for no body.. They only way this can work is if it is equal 3 each games a week between seven, ten and fox but I doubt that will happen as fox with the biggest cash pocket will get the lions share of games.

  2. I’m not crazy about Ch7s coverage of AFL, but it is better than Ch 9s was…. Ch10 wasn’t too bad either. I guess if 10 get it back, Before the Game might come back, which would be fantastic. Best Footy TV show by far

  3. I don’t care who gets it so long as –
    1. There is an option to see all games live and in HD, especially the Grand Final
    2. No 5 minute warning or any other new idea that takes us backwards (If you like old times, wear a bright shirt and flares, but leave those of us that live in the present alone)
    3. Less d***head commentators… unfortunately every station has at least 1, so I concede this point is not really feasible.

      1. They should show the countdown clock at the game too. It’s just as frustrating being at a game and not knowing how long there is to go. At least most broadcasters recognize this frustration, it’s just the AFL and 10 that don’t…

  4. I hope Ten get it with Fox Sports, Yep Huddo , Quarters even Tim Lane. Their coverage was excellent last time they had it. Also time for fresh blood as well. Seven may have the cash but it is a tired network for broadcasting the AFL. Time for a change.

  5. As mentioned by a few other people here, No offer or a low offer $1000 per game, the amount spent is ridiculous, obscene actually the amount football and football players receive.

    Maybe Seven could then show more drama or , oh no not more MKR !

    1. Actually it’s not quite that obscene at all. The highest paid AFL player (and only one in the recently released 50 Aust top paid sports people) is Gary Ablet on $1.5 – far and away the highest paid AFL player. While someone like Shane Watson is on $4.2m and several others in our cricket side over $2.0m.

    1. You don’t want Ten to get the rights. This is 2015 not 2005. They’ll just pick out the “classic” matches and on-sell the rest to Foxtel as they have done with all of their other sport.

      1. How is Ten screwing V8s this year and more importantly Australian Grand Prix? At least Ten onsold sprint rounds to FOX Sports, but we still get highlights in return, where as Seven would have been worse. At least we get 7 races live which make up 70% of the combined TV audience. Ten will televise over 25 hours across 3 days and more importantly giving viewers a whole new level, Mark Webber will be commentating the race. The Australian GP hasn’t changed and the big events of V8s, will get more airtime then we did under 7.

        1. Keep telling yourself that mate. Most fans don’t give a continental for Tens spiel. Buying rights then downgrading the number of races shown is a backwards step for Ten. It might cost them less money to show what theyre showing but there will be less viewers!

        2. Clipsal 12-5pm Fri, 12-6.30 sat I think, what are they screening Sun to make it over 25 hours for the weekend? Under 7, we had every round live in Tas either on SC (affiliate) or 7mate. Massive backwards step.

          1. Ten is far better, then Seven would ever will be. Ten is better in many ways, Ten is showing more hours then we did under for Seven for Clipsal (18 hours across the weekend), dumping V8s over AFL, having many ad breaks during qualifying, not consistent with the race schedule, not showing the entire weekend on one channel, consistently delayed until about 2012.

  6. I would like to see Ten bring back the AFL rights for the first time since 2011. Ten would do a better job than Nine’s AFL. Back in 2002-2006, Nine saw a few games live.
    Please bring back Anthony Hudson, Mark Howard and Quarters – they are a good commentary panel team than Channel 7.

  7. Why would Nine even want AFL? The last time they had it, around ten years ago, it was a disaster. They had to juggle it with NRL which meant splitting the network between the northern and southern states. It created merry hell at WIN as well. Better to leave it on Seven where it has clear air.

    1. Back then there was only the main SD and HD simulcast channel, no multi-channels on the commercial networks. There is nothing stopping Nine to run AFL on the main channel in AFL states and NRL on the main channel in NRL states. With AFL states running NRL on multichannels which is mostly the case now, and running AFL in NRL states. Same for Seven is they had NRL & AFL. Multichannels make it so much easier for the networks now, and not have to juggle as they did back in the past anymore. And for WIN, south western NSW (Wagga Wagga/Griffith) can have AFL on their main channel and NRL on their multichannels where AFL outrates NRL, no more juggling, problem solved.

  8. Nine would be crazy not to put in a bid. NRL on Gem in Adelaide and Perth rate about 2,000 and 10,000 viewers respectively. If they scored AFL rights, they would get many more viewers. It also means they wouldn’t need to screen a movie for the gazillionth time on Nine in AFL markets too (Seven have the same issue in NSW/Qld currently)

    1. Nobody in Adelaide cares about Rugby League anyway, there Unlikely to Bid for an NRL Franchise of their own. But Perth has High Hopes for it’s own Side with the West Coast Pirates and some Love for the Game.

      1. Adelaide viewers were criticised for not having the NRL matches live on GEM. This caused the ratings to hit a new low. The point about Adelaide viewers is that it mainly focuses on AFL games live and free.

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