Airdate: Blaze and the Monster Machines


Today Nick Jr. premieres a new pre-schoolers series, Blaze and the Monster Machines, combining action with learning through play.

In the hour-long series premiere, “Blaze of Glory,” Blaze and AJ are introduced to a world of racing monster machines in the town of Axle City. When Crusher, a troublemaker truck, uses his dirty tricks to try to win the championship race, Blaze does everything he can to help his friends and beat him to the finish line. Throughout the adventure, pre-schoolers will be introduced to STEM concepts including buoyancy and trajectory. The series launch will be followed by three weeks of premieres in its regular timeslot at 10.30am on Nick Jr.

Created by Jeff Borkin (Team Umizoomi head writer) and Ellen Martin (Bubble Guppies supervising producer), Blaze and the Monster Machines is the first pre-school show to cover all areas of STEM in every episode, such as adhesion, friction, force, trajectory and magnetism. The interactive series follows the amazing monster truck Blaze and his eight-year-old driver, AJ, who embark on adventures that explore the physics of how things move; tackle problems through scientific inquiry and mathematics; and discover the parts needed to make everyday technologies work.

”Blaze and the Monster Machines is unlike any other preschool show on TV because of its rich interactive curriculum focused entirely on STEM,” says Teri Weiss, EVP of Production and Development, Nick Jr. Pre-school. “Blaze gets children excited about STEM by encouraging their curiosity about how things work, which will help them get ready for school and their future in today’s high-tech world.”

Weekdays at 10.30am Nick Jr.

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  1. I was gonna mention this show in TV Lounge a couple of weeks back. If people think 7 advertised MKR a lot during the tennis, they had nothing on Nick Jr. with Blaze. I’d say there has been ads for it since the beginning of the year, and they have been aired after pretty much every show. ie: every 20 minutes!

    Unfortunately, the “hour long premiere” has been split up into (I presume 2 parts). My little one was not happy when the show ended so abruptly as the race was about to start. That’s a big no-no in children’s television. Otherwise, the show was fine.

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