Airdate: Hipsters


Sam Johnson, currently filming Molly for Seven, will present a new six part series for SBS, on the quirky subculture that is Hipsters.

How did fixed gear bikes, artisanal cheese, craft beer and long beards evolve from being niche trends to clichés and commodities? Was hipster even a subculture at all? And why will no hipster ever admit to being one? The charming but not particularly hip Samuel Johnson digs into the past to find the origins of the cultural stereotype.

Acknowledging that the word has now taken on a distinctively negative connotation and that the peak of the contemporary hipster is actually behind us, the new six-part series Hipsters is a light-hearted look back at the cultural phenomenon that was.

Johnson sets off on an international odyssey that takes him from Melbourne to New York, Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Detroit, Sydney, Tokyo and Shanghai meeting bloggers, trend forecasters, artists, photographers, graphic designers, musicians, tattoo artists, artisan bakers, baristas, bicycle couriers and rooftop gardeners.

Shot in a dynamic, fast paced style across a panorama of the world’s most vibrant cities, Hipsters strikes a balance between entertainment and documentary by placing Johnson’s disarming and mischievous humour at the centre of all the scenarios he encounters. Johnson’s journey is that of an everyday guy driven by a genuine fascination with contemporary culture.

The series sets out to unpack how and why the now instantly recognisable hipster archetype grew from a localised street subculture to a global commodity, and ultimately a figure of ridicule, within the space of a few short years.

8.30pm Tuesday 24 March SBS 2

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