Airdate: SA’s Most Wanted


On Thursday night viewers in South Australia will see SA’s Most Wanted, as Brenton Ragless delves into cold case murders, including with new evidence.

Nine indicates this will be the start of a weekly look by Nine News at some of South Australia’s most baffling crimes.

Nine News has been granted access to the never-before-released crime scene vision and forensic evidence that police hope will put killers behind bars in this cold case review.

We open with the heartbreaking story of teenager Patricia Schmidt who was raped and murdered on December 17, 1971. SA’s Most Wanted will reveal how the advances in DNA technology have given police fresh hope and we reveal why detectives have taken the case overseas. Find out what evidence has been found that could crack it open.

We also look at the murders of three elderly women in Adelaide’s northern suburbs and take viewers inside the crime scenes for the first time. We reveal the mistake the killers made that could lead to capture and sit down with detectives, the victims’ families, and examine evidence never before seen by the public.

The Family Murders are arguably the state’s most notorious unsolved crimes. SA’s Most Wanted will take viewers inside the special cold case room dedicated to this case. See the evidence seized from suspects and witness the new processes forensic scientists hope will shine new light on all cold cases.

During the one-hour special, Ragless will sit down with Deputy Commissioner Grant Stevens and find out more about the review and its attempt to bring these criminals to justice. Viewers will find out the vital role they play in the operation and hear exclusive details on the unprecedented initiatives being offered.

With special reports by Nine News reporters Will McDonald, Ben Avery and Kim Robertson, not only will SA’s Most Wanted examine some of Adelaide’s most shocking crimes, it will also take us inside the tireless work of SA Police, from the detectives to the Homicide Squad.

8:30pm Thursday on Nine.


  1. Bruce Gordon had a win (no pun intended) in the Senate today. Nick Xenophon’s attempt to prevent regional SA TV having one set of rules and the rest of the country having another was defeated, not supported by the LNP. No need for Bruce to restore any local content, news or otherwise to SES and RTS regions. Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas and WA another rule applies. Weird. And wrong.

  2. shows like this should be on regardless of ratings even if they just catch the occasional crim its worth it its just a shame its only in SA they should bring back australias most wanted

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