Behind the News supports Anti-Bullying campaign

2015-03-17_2254Friday is the National Day of Action Against Bullying and ABC3’s Behind the News is encouraging all kids to get involved with an “I’m #BehindYou” campaign, in support of victims of bullying.

Series Producer and Host Nathan Bazley said: “Behind the News is shown in classrooms all over Australia, so we felt we had a responsibility to use that reach to make a real difference.

“The crux of the campaign is our collection of activities, discussion topics and exercises that we’re encouraging all teachers to work through with their students this week to mark the National Day of Action Against Bullying.”

Schools can get involved in the #BehindYou campaign by:

1) Watching the special Behind the News #BehindYou story on Friday, March 20 at 11:25am on ABC3 and taking part in our related class activities (click on the “Teacher Resource” button at for a workshop pack). These activities are focused on encouraging and empowering young bystanders to discourage bullying wherever they see it. The activities will give kids the confidence to stand up for others, and give them practical tips on how to do it.

2) Asking kids to pledge that they will be #BehindYou if they see bullying happening to anyone in their lives.

3) Posting a comment of support using the hashtag #BehindYou to the BtN website, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Kids can also upload a video of themselves, their class or even their whole school declaring “I’m #BehindYou!”

Each week in March, Behind the News will feature some of the videos we receive from kids and celebrities pledging their support.

So on Friday, March 20, stand up and say “I’m #BehindYou” with Behind the News.

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Full details and links to resources available for the #BehindYou campaign are available at:

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