Cricket, Sharks, Mardi Gras & news score on Sunday

Ratings: It was a long weekend with schedule variations, but in the end Nine came out on top.

2015-03-09_0951Sunday night viewing was a little varied from the usual because Nine screened the ICC Cricket World Cup and it was a long weekend in Melbourne and Adelaide.

Long weekends traditionally see softer ratings for Sundays followed by big numbers for Mondays.

But the cricket did good business for Nine at up to 1.02m viewers. Nine News topped the night at 1.26m viewers. Together with Movie: The Tourist (392,000) Nine managed to win the night.

On TEN there was good news for Shark Tank but bad news for Empire.

Nine Network won with a 32.4% share then Seven 30.1%, TEN 16.4%, ABC 14.4% and SBS 6.7%.

Sunday Night returned well 965,000 for Seven, above Seven News (942,000) then Downton Abbey (763,000), Australia: The Story of Us (737,000) and Castle (324,000). Resurrection was 127,000.

Shark Tank is holding well for TEN at 710,000, if down slightly on 724,000 last week. That’s way in front of other local shows on the channel, with good numbers in the demos. TEN Eyewitness News was some distance behind on 330,000 while Empire is already struggling at just 262,000 viewers in only its second week. Alas, that proved to be lower than a movie on 7mate. Later, an Anchorman movie was 141,000.

ABC News (631,000) was best for ABC then Life on the Reef (564,000). But Broadchurch slipped to 557,000, down from 635,000 last week, while Fortitude was also down at 308,000. Jillaroo School ended with 171,000.

SBS share lifted thanks to the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade which averaged 281,000 viewers (up from 137,000 on SBS 2 last year). Lost Kingdoms of Central America was 195,000, SBS World News was 143,000 and Love, Marilyn was 135,000.

7mate’s Movie: The Bourne Legacy topped multichannels at 272,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 8 March 2015

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  1. Most of the shows that make it to commercial free to air in Australia from the US usually involve lawyers, doctors, politicians or some branch of law enforcement. Its another example of the same old shows being picked up by commercial free to air and their inability to think outside the box. At least Empire is different.

  2. It’s great trashy drama, but sadly Empire suffered a reasonable amount of bad and poorly conceived promotion and publicity. Disappointing if it’s struggling because the cast is African American.

  3. Empire is a niche American show which yet again the African American is lead and it’s failed again in the Australian market. Honestly I don’t get the shows hype in America how it has built week on week on week and is still growing. I guess it’s a culture clash I think. Plus TEN has done next to nothing to help it’s chances either. Next to no promotion.

      1. I think given the history of America and the role of African Americans it can be very much an internal thing and not always capture the imagination when it travels overseas. That said it is a fairly average show

    1. Empire appeals to a section of the US population that hasn’t been well served by Network TV, black hip hop culture, so it has tuned out. So many didn’t watch the premiere but it’s growing an audience by word of mouth and catch-ups.

      The majority of the US population under 30 isn’t white and within a few decades the majority of the whole population won’t be white. As US Networks start targeting specific cultures their shows won’t have broad appeal in other markets. Fresh of The Boat and Blackish have also succeeded this season. There will be Cristelas, but it will be a change from CBS making 3 versions of NCIS and 2 Broke Girls.

      I haven’t had time to check out Empire yet so can’t comment on its quality.

  4. I thought SBS did a great job of their Mardi Gras telecast. The hosts were entertaining and the back stories provided to some of the floats and participants were well put together. Well done!!

    1. Really? I thought it was the worst coverage to date. They didn’t show more than 1/2 the floats. Also, for example, what’s the point of having a few minute segment fiduciaries to Beyoncé G Spot, and then not showing the actual float?

      1. To be honest I haven’t actually watched much of previous Mardi gras on TV. I think there was a number of years recently where it wasn’t even televised. But I enjoyed the show last night.

  5. Empire was good last night. but i was wondering if Elementary would fare better right after Shark Tank, in other words move it back to where it used to be, and out Empire on later.

      1. Why not have Law and Order SVU at 8.30pm Sunday and Monday? I reckon Elementary should go at 9.30pm Sundays, NCIS: New Orelans at 9.30pm Mondays and Empire 9.30pm Thursdays after Gogglebox

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