Cricket World Cup lifts GEM

Ratings: GEM's coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup scored a huge 10.9% share last night, but Seven came out on top again.


OzTAM numbers were delivered late today, but they still paint an interesting picture of viewing habits last night.

Nine’s coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup helped put it back on a competitive field with Seven

GEM scored a huge 10.9% share with the match as high as 357,000 viewers. That helped make up for some disappointing numbers on Nine -but in all likelihood some viewers arguably moved from Nine to GEM anyway.

Elsewhere it was neck and neck in Breakfast Television.

Seven network still won the night with a share of 33.1% then Nine 30.1%, ABC 15.6%, TEN 14,8% and SBS 5.6%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.51m) again topped the night for Seven then Seven News (889,000 / 856,000), Winter (804,000), Home and Away (803,000), Criminal Minds (441,000) and Million Dollar Minute (414,000).

Nine was concerningly under the 900,000 mark all night with Nine News (867,000 / 860,000), A Current Affair (714,000), The Block (609,000), Hot Seat (488,000) and Forever (460,000 ). Movie: Sliding Doors was 210,000.

ABC News (763,000) was best on ABC then Mad as Hell (606,000), 7:30 (561,000), QI (543,000), Judith Lucy is All Woman (444,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (346,000).

The Project was 481,000 / 370,000 on TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (467,000) and Wonderland (373,000). The Good Wife was 262,000.

Walking Through History (307,000) topped SBS ONE then The Missing Evidence (283,000), SBS World News (134,000) and Witnesses (111,000).

Customs on GEM pulled a whopping 470,000 viewers thanks to the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Sunrise: 334,000
Today: 329,000
ABC News Breakfast: 96,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 4 March 2015

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  1. No way Wonderland can come back for a series 3 with those ratings – will be shocked to see it return again.

    Meanwhile I’m quite enjoying seeing Antonia Prebble on our screens again – thought she was delightful on Anzac Girls and great to see her on Winter too

  2. Was happily surpirsed that Nine managed to show the entire match on GEM rather than only using GEM when the News at 6 pm is on. It does show that if you build it they will come. Maybe this is the start of the channel being used properly by the Nine Network.

    1. They only show sport on GEM when they know that they won’t get many viewers. Some recent examples, the Super League / NRL game (would rather show Today on Nine), and NRL games in SA/WA, and the domestic cricket comp in December.

      OTOH, games like NZ vs Aus will always be on Nine because they will get more viewers.

      I don’t agree with that, but it’s the way life is.

  3. Once again proof that viewers are more than happy to watch a multichannel if there is something worth watching. With the way the networks treat their multichannels I really think that the networks should come together and merge them so that instead of 6 commercial channels offering rather similar content and poorly looked after, we have 3 – one for young adults (combine GO and Eleven), one for women (Gem and 7two) and one for men (One and 7Mate). And that kills two birds with 1 stone as it will mean each network could have a SD and HD feed of their main channel and no reason to show sports in SD. I realise there is most probably a million reasons why that couldn’t work but one can dream.

  4. Am surprised that Customs on GEM rated higher than the cricket. Is that explained by the fact the cricket viewers didn’t watch the whole of second innings, and therefore the overall numbers for the cricket are lower?

    For me, I watched the cricket live, and caught up with ABC News, 7:30, Mad as Hell and Judith Lucy on iView.

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