Game show battles: “I’m happy for all the shows to work,” says Eddie.


The heat is on in game show land with Million Dollar Minute currently pipping Hot Seat in the ratings thanks to its champ chasing its top prize.

Those figures are certainly helping Seven News increase its numbers too.

Meanwhile Hot Seat is revamping its set for upcoming episodes.

“I think we’ve probably changed it three or four times over the journey anyway,” Eddie McGuire recently told TV Tonight.

“It’s a bit of a refresh, but I haven’t done a new show on it yet.”

No airdate has yet been confirmed for the new look.

“Probably the next time I do the show. I think I’m up til about June anyway, so it’s a bit hard to tell when the airdate is,” he said.

“The shows we’ve done this year have been absolutely fantastic, it’s always nice to come back fresh. There have been great stories and winners.”

TEN’s Family Feud has also been performing well for the network, simulcast on two channels and scoring Logie nominations.

“To be perfectly honest I’m happy for all the shows to work. That might sound twee but I love the fact these shows are generating work for people. I’m always disappointed when Australian made product goes up against Australian made product. That’s the nature of the beast, unfortunately,” said McGuire.

“I don’t get any joy in running shows out of town. Million Dollar Minute has been great, it’s an original format that Seven put together. Simon is a great fellow who has been in the industry as long as I have. You want people to do well. You want us to do very well!

“I’m rapt for Grant Denyer. He’s a great fellow who went through hell there for a long time, and to see him bounce back and for TEN to be brave in their programming, putting it on as an alternative to the news, that’s great.

“Some days we beat everybody other days the 6:00 show does better than us, there have been ups and downs with Million Dollar Minute … it’s nice, competitive stuff.

“The bottom line is when I’m going to host the show, I’m not thinking about their show, I just want to do the best show. So if people can enjoy the three of them, you beauty.”

NB: TV Tonight will publish Million Dollar Minute results at 7pm AEDT if the $1,000,000 goes off.


  1. There are rumours of a cancellation of at least one of these shows…. which would be a questionable decision given the lead-in it is currently providing to the evening lineup…. Has TV Tonight heard this rumour?

  2. Seven should have ran new episodes of MDM over summer because at the start of the year it lost all the momentum it had gained on Hot Seat at the end of last year and only now is it starting to claw some momentum back.

  3. HeyHey_Variety

    I want the three game shows to do well, but I want Millionaire Hot Seat to go on at night. Good on Eddie for wanting all game show to work!!

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