Helen Kapalos departs Seven


Helen Kapalos becomes the latest Today Tonight presenter to depart the network, with her contract expiring next month.

She is working on a self-funded documentary about medical marijuana.

“They’ve let me see out the rest of my contract and I think they’re all really happy as well because it started from a story that I did at Seven, which was on medicinal cannabis,’’ Kapalos told News Corp.

“I’m just going to go into either my own production company, or I’ve been offered to go to Columbia Uni (New York) to do a documentary course.”

She joined Seven in 2013 following her years at TEN, working on Today Tonight and Sunday Night.



  1. Ten has made some insane decisions in recent times but sacking Kapalos when they knew Mal Walden would be retiring in the near future topped the list. She was excellent on Ten but totally lost her way at Seven. Such a shame.

  2. harrypotter1994

    Saw her name while editing the Sunday Night wikipedia page and was wondering what she was up to. Least she got more to do at 7 then KAK ever did

  3. jezza the first original one

    At this point in time her tv career has come to an abrupt end. Will be interesting to see if she makes a comeback anywhere

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