Jamie Oliver drags down TEN, Seven tops Thursday.


Turning to Jamie Oliver is no solution for TEN’s early evening timeslot, with Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club ranking just 262,000. Not only was it dwarfed by MKR‘s 1.38m, it was beaten by Pie in the Sky on 7TWO at 266,000. TEN could not even bring itself to mention it in its morning ratings wrap to media today.

But things were not ideal for ABC either, with local drama Hiding at a near-low of 332,000.

Seven network won the night with a 34.0% share then Nine 27.4%, TEN 16.6%, ABC 15.8% and SBS 6.3%.

My Kitchen Rules was 1.38m for Seven then Seven News (973,000 / 882,000), Home and Away (797,000), Million Dollar Minute (540,000). State of Affairs was 349,000 / 263,000.

Nine News (964,000 / 875,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (789,000), The Footy Show (636,000), Hot Seat (507,000), Open House (coded separately as 370,000 in 3 markets / 288,000 in 2 markets), and Cops Uncut (273,000).

It was a tough night on TEN. TEN Eyewitness News was 492,000, The Project was 485,000 / 364,000. Gogglebox was 376,000, Law and Order: SVU was 287,000. Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club stalled at 262,000 -well behind The Bold & The Beautiful’s (372,000).

ABC News (806,000) won its timeslot, then 7:30 (639,000), Outback ER (540,000), but Hiding was 332,000, Antiques Roadshow was 307,000 and How We Got to Now just 260,000.

A double episode of Vikings average 252,000 across two hours on SBS ONE then Gourmet Farmer Afloat (243,000) and SBS World News (130,000).

7TWO’s Lewis topped multichannels at 330,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 19 March 2015


    • The sausage is on a knife in front of his shirt, however I had to make the picture bigger to realise that as I was curious too, only hassle viewing things on phones and tablets (sometimes you don’t see bits of photos)

      • Hmmm. Inspired by your perception I increased it too…but that to me is the trimming of his shirt. I just looked at the Channel 4 page and there both men have their sausages on forks. In the image here, Jimmy’s fork seems to have disappeared. Poor chap.

  1. I think one of the problems with Jamie is that he is so over exposed. Trying shopping at Woolworths (the only affordable supermarket near me). He is in the meat section, dry goods, frozen, chilled and don’t forget the crockery and pans! Ahhhh too much of Jamie. Can we go 5 minutes with out Jamie for crying out loud? I really think the networks need to reconsider the over abundance of food programing and I call myself a foodie! There is just too much of it and I guess MC will be kicking off any minute now (as usual after Easter….)

  2. Hiding is so stupid, Don’t know why the ABC thought it would work.

    Jamie Oliver didn’t rate the last time it was on, so why did Ten think it would work this time.

  3. Just shows you how good I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here was.Channel Ten not known for setting the ratings alight at any time.I’m a celeb did it’s job.

  4. While FTA had non stop cooking programs, I started streaming programs …. I’m not into food programs, so when I saw the schedule for FTA had 4 programs, i changed my viewing habits for last night … Im sure a lot of other people did to … FTA is in a mind set of reality and cooking programs …. they think it’s entertaining, or its very cheap …. or both …. meanwhile, people are leaving FTA in large numbers, and will never come back ……

  5. Not even my appetite for food can stretch to four cooking shows at 7.30. MKR, Jaimie, Gourmet Farmer on SBS, and Man V Food on 7mate. Was going to watch The Feed on SBS2, but panicked that they might take the title of their show too literally. Fortunately the 5 year old was tired and wanted a bedtime story. Unfortunately, he chose Dr Seuss ‘Green Eggs and Ham’.

  6. Secret Squïrrel

    Hiding is just awful or, rather, as much as I could stomach of the first ep was. Perhaps it’s gotten really good and I’m missing out? Nah, I’ve seen the promos. In fact, I got so sick of ABC trying to ram it down my throat every time I watched something on iView that I stopped doing that.

  7. Yes State of Affairs is bombing for Seven but do they really care when they win the night with MKR. Same with Parenthood and Grey’s Anatomy, They dont rate but their overall network share is still way above the rest. On the up side, there is at least some alternative viewing that can be PVR for another night with double ep of dramas. Hiding only has next week to go -it can limp away and we might see Jamie one more time next week as there is no MKR.

  8. TasTVcameraman

    Putting a Jamie Oliver show on at 7.30 at night……What The ?
    Hiding I will watch just to see how it finishes……lots of holes in story and so on.

  9. I don’t mind Jamie, but caught an episode of Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club on Foxtel and it was just not very good. Awkward and Jamie trying to be funny, I think i only lasted 5 mins. As soon as it came on last night I changed the channel.

  10. jezza the first original one

    I wonder if this weeks dismal ratings will influence ch10s decision to go ahead (or not) with another series of Celeb next year

  11. I’m not sure Jamie has ever actually solved any of Ten’s programming problems, no matter how many slots they try to get his shows working in.

  12. Shocking, just shocking figures for TEN. SVU used to be a guaranteed ratings filler for TEN. With those numbers, they might as well give uncut Bold a primetime slot (I’m sure it’ll be a lot cheaper too).

    I’m almost afraid to ask but how is Glee doing on ELEVEN? I never quite got why new episodes of The Simpsons, Futurama and Glee moved to ELEVEN when they were solid performers on the primary channel. While Glee is scheduled to continue at its regular time next week, ELEVEN have bumped Glee to 9.30pm Fridays starting April 3rd (Glee will be replaced the remake of Footloose on April 2nd).

  13. barrington bumbaclaart

    I’m sure they could work around that. If a violent, bloody Vikings can be broadcast at 8.30pm something as tame as Gogglebox could too.

  14. I love Jamie Oliver, like I really love Jamie Oliver… and I dont even like Food Fight. His travel type shows are great and his more traditional cooking shows, but this one has almost no cooking in it, it’s more about him awkwardly hanging out with famous people…

    I agree that Gogglebox isn’t quite as good as the English one, but they seem to have settled into it well. The characters are more real now and the editors are doing a better job of mixing how much of the actual show they’re showing. Last nights Ep was Much better than when it first started.

  15. It took almost 9 minutes at the start of the footy show to do an introduction and show Sam ask Arnie one question. Its this unnecessary dragging out of segments that results in viewers losing interest. The footy show needs to tighten up. Dave Hughes gag along the lines of James walking into a room with two syringes in his eyes and Essendon supporters would still think he can do no wrong was priceless. Coaches have lost their jobs for a lot less. Only seen part of the show.

    There is no mkr next thurday instead there is a triple episode of home and away. Maybe a more level playing field without mkr?

    • Dave Hughes stand up was painful to watch, half the time he didn’t know what he was doing. Most of it was cheap laughs poorly delivered most of the time.

      • I think painful is probably too strong a word. Some lines worked and some didn’t. The footy show has had the same group of hosts for a long time it would take time to build rapport.

  16. On a Bright Side for Ten, Googlebox and a SVU Repeat did beat the Underperformed State of Affairs, Looks like Seven will put Sitcoms The Goldbergs and Marry Me on Thursdays Afterall.

  17. barrington bumbaclaart

    Hiding’s numbers reflect the standard of the show. Its an absolute pile of rubbish that is poorly conceived, poorly written and poorly edited.

    It’s a shame Gogglebox’s numbers keep slipping each week. It’s not as good as the UK version, but in my opinion it’s the best offering on any of the commercial networks at the moment (which says a lot really). I suspect the low lead in is to blame? Why they don’t put it on earlier is beyond me.

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