Michael Parkinson specials for TEN

Parky has assembled two specials for TEN that draw upon his interviews with famous Australians.


Michael Parkinson has assembled two specials for TEN that draw upon his interviews with famous Australians.

Parky’s Favourite Australians will include interviews he has conducted including Kerry Packer, Bob Hawke, Sir Joh and Lady (Flo) Bjelke Petersen, Paul Hogan, Sir Robert Helpmann, Barry Humphries, Gary McDonald, Cliff Young, Dame Edna Everage, Sir Les Patterson, Shane Warne, Ian Thorpe, Cate Blanchett and Nicole Kidman.

The specials appear to be the clever work of TEN News boss Peter Meakin, who also oversaw Parkinson’s interview with swimmer Ian Thorpe last year.

“Australia has changed enormously since Parky first landed on our shores with his perspicacious microphone.

“But he hasn’t changed that much at all. A little older definitely, but no less wise. These specials
are a charming and revealing journey down memory lane.”

From 1979 to 1983, Parkinson recorded over 70 episodes of Parkinson in Australia for the ABC and TEN.

“I brought my talk show to Australia over 30 years ago and these entertaining and fascinating shows will explain why I immediately fell in love with Oz and its people – and demonstrate why, after Yorkshire, Australia is my favourite place on earth,” he said.

“These shows give you a ringside seat for my viewpoint of the journey Australia and its people have taken over the past 30 years in becoming the vibrant and self-reliant nation it is today.”

No airdate has yet been announced.

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  1. This sounds awfully like a DVD “Parky’s Best Bits” that’s at my local library. Ancient interviews with people long passed that half the audience will be asking “who’s she/he?”.

  2. 30 year old interviews hosted by an 80 year old pom in primetime TV in Australia in 2015?

    Wow. Shouldn’t Peter Meakin be improving the news service? Which is down to 1 hour a day and no digital content at all.

    1. It’s no crazier than the primetime airing of Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos a few years ago. It was too puerile and vulgar for Nine in 1992 but it was good enough for them in 2008.

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