MKR embarks on yet another lap of the country


More instant restaurants, that’s what My Kitchen Rules has announced in its fourth lap of the country, ahead of finals at kitchen headquarters.

Teams languishing on the bottom of the leader board were given another shot as hosts Pete & Manu returned last night.

“You’re all hungry to move forward in the competition,” Pete Evans said. “But for some of you that’s not going to happen. Only the best will enter kitchen headquarters.”

The bottom two teams from each group are:

Annie & Lloyd – SA
Kat & Andre – WA
Katie & Nikki – NSW
Emma & Jane – VIC
Sheri & Emilie – QLD
Eva & Debra – WA

At the end of the round, one team will leave the competition for good. Only one? How about half? I think I’m ready for MasterChef now.

But not all MKR viewers were so enamoured with the idea of more instant restaurants, taking to social media in exasperation at a seemingly-endless competition.



  1. i remember pete saying that apparently viewers like the instant restaurants and want more. But I like the challenges that they do outside the kitchens.

  2. I seem to remember last year the MKR numbers dropped a bit near the end and people said it was because they wanted more Instant Restaurants. This year they are giving us more Instant Restaurants and people are still complaining!

    • Ditto. It is getting pointless when the same criticisms are coming from the same people regularly. There was a great reply from David last Friday regarding someone’s criticism about The Project and I thought it was perfect (if David allowed me to quote)
      “I think you have made your feelings known on XXXXX a number of times, and they have been published as a fair audience response. But it’s not necessary to remind us every week”.

  3. I can’t stand people who complain about MKR constantly. It’s simple really, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it. There are more than enough loyal viewers to keep it at number one, where it belongs.

  4. Carringbush

    They’re only reacting to feedback from last year that the instant restaurant rounds were better than most of the BS on the road stuff. There’s some pretty ordinary teams left so losing one of them would not be a loss.

  5. It just feels like every night there are the exact same TV shows on. MKR, I’m a celebrity and the block. There’s absolutely no variety at all from night to night. The exact same schedule every single night. It’s just so boring! I’m finding myself watching commercial television less and less this year. I can’t see MKR finishing until at least late May.

  6. So MKR is finishing in July this year? Won’t it be 16 teams left after instant restaurants then if they eliminate 1 per week from Kitchen HQ rounds, it will take over 3 months to get through them all. July finish if you exclude Easter.

    Are they purposely making the show longer to make it harder for Masterchef? Possibly.

  7. Love the Instant restaurants ! Keep em coming !

    Who cares about the cooking ?

    It’s all about the interactions between teams at the table

    you don’t get the same later in the series

  8. breexbreakdown

    Oh, hey! Wasn’t expecting my tweet to be featured, Thanks David 🙂

    Apologies for the curse word but personally, I’m getting really tired of these instant restaurant rounds (especially when majority of them have been incredibly average). I’m thinking of giving up on MKR this week and switching to I’m A Celebrity… just to save my sanity, to be honest.

  9. I don’t mind another round of this before the studio kitchen cooking starts. Happy that Colin is not doing this one, slimy, boring Colin. I didn’t realise how much I liked Manu until he was gone lol.

  10. That’s why I didn’t watch this year . It’s ridiculous the number of people who can’t even cook gravy but none of them get eliminated

  11. Everyone always says that the home restaurants are the best part of the show and always ask for more. Guess you have to be careful what you wish for.

  12. I love the instant restaurants, so another round will be good. I’m pretty sure I read on this site a few weeks ago that there would be more instant restaurants rounds, so no surprise there.

  13. I don’t mind another instant restaurant round as long as the Kitchen HQ portion of the show is shortened and yes David I agree that at least half of these teams should be eliminated after this round not one.

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