1. No one has mentioned how well ABC did with Making Australia Great. They have had a lot of trouble with the 8.30 Tuesday timeslot and these are the best numbers for a long time.

  2. jezza the first original one

    Not watching MKR this year, too big an investment of my time and the past 2 finales have been so flat as they film 2 endings. Just leaves ya feeling cheated after all the weeks and weeks of competitions. Now Celeb has finished, not a lot to tempt me in prime time at the moment

  3. MKR is a well-produced, well promoted and highly profitable for 7. The weekly glossies and newspapers also feed on this show. While I personally object to the episode over runs and longer seasons, I congratulate the producers for their casting and strategic content. However, I do fear as long as MKR rules it sucks the creativity out of Australian tv. Competitors continually try more reality against it, whereas “new programming” and new thinking is required. And that does not mean copying KKR. Without MKR, 7 could be back with the rest of the pack.

  4. Too bad Gold Coast Cops dropped from last season. I was hoping that TEN’s promotion of the series during IAC would have boosted numbers not dropped it.

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Actually, Ten’s network share is exactly the same as last Tue. ABC is the one with the noticeable improvement with numbers for 7pm-9:30 being up on last week.

      • In other words in net One and Eleven took viewers away from Ten’s largest block of viewers on their main channel, reducing their revenue.

        This is because while One and Eleven showing different programming in prime time attracted more viewers from the other 15 channels including Ten), Ten without Im A… lost a similar number of viewers to the 15 other channels (including Eleven and One), from it’s largest block of viewers.

    • Yes – same network share overall but with approx 160,000 less people watching TEN 7.30 – 8.30. Proof to me that the simulcasts do nothing at all to help and TEN would have been better off not simulcasting Celeb and having the extra 160,000 watching alternative content on ONE – ratings for Celeb would have been unchanged.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Good point about numbers v share. Agree that the permanent simulcast was a desperate strategy that ultimately failed to deliver better numbers over all.

        I’m sure that there would have been some people who tuned in to One or Eleven during I’m a Celeb and stayed with it, but I’m also sure that there would have been a lot more people who tuned in to watch White Collar (or whatever Ten were pretending was going to be on), had no interest in I’m a Celeb, and switched over to something else / turned the TV off.

  6. I Don’t understand why My Kitchen Rules is such a big hit with Viewers it is not about Cooking it’s about Contestants abusing each other so why is it so popular

      • I think it’s about what you watch it for. Personally, I enjoy the cooking aspect (try the burnt butter ice cream from last week – seriously good!)
        Then there are friends in my circle who enjoy the personalities clashing and the (frankly stupid) countdowns to end of time.
        It has a broad appeal.

    • I agree that MKR is not really about cooking, it rates so well because of the drama – the selection of the cast for their personalities and back stories is done well, and the editing is a strength even though it is over done sometimes.

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