Noni backs more women for Logies Hall of Fame


Veteran actress Noni Hazlehurst has backed a call for more women to be inducted into the Logies‘ Hall of Fame.

Of the 31 inductees, only one woman -Ruth Cracknell- has been given the honour, alongside 27 men and 3 shows.

Hazlehurst was polite when asked about her chances of being recognised for decades of industry contribution on and off the screen, but agreed there was a glaring imbalance.

“That’s shameful, but it reflects society at large really, doesn’t it?” she said.

“I’m sure there are many deserving people.

“We’ll just have to find the judges and give them a kick up the bum.”

Next month Hazlehurst begins filming on the third season of A Place to Call Home, to be produced exclusively for Foxtel. Axed by Seven due to its expense and ageing audience, the melodrama was thrown a lifeline after fans petitioned for it to continue.

“I never believed it would stop. I had a lot going on there. I wouldn’t let it die,” she smiled.

“I do think it’s a mistake to chase the younger demographic because I think they’re lost to Free to Air television forever. Except for maybe in a family sense.

“I think the fans who let us know they love the show made it clear they were of all ages, all over the world.

“I think (Seven) felt perhaps it was too expensive, and that’s their decision. The wonderful thing about Foxtel is they don’t have to cater to a demographic.”

Asked about writer Bevan Lee’s silence over the axing by Seven she added, “We all had to be very quiet. I think Bevan was heartbroken initially, but he’s very pleased that it has another life.”


Meanwhile star Marta Dusseldorp says the show will be ” a little bit pacier without losing it’s delicacy and patience” in the shift from Free to Air to Pay TV. The show will now have 3 commercial breaks, fewer than on Seven.

“I was in on script yesterday. It’s looking fabulous,” she said.

“When the thing happens at the end of season two, everything changes. I’m going to bust open Sarah a little bit into a place we’ve never seen of her before. Unarm her.

“Knowing that it goes two seasons means there will be a massive arc we can plot.”

Foxtel screens first and second seasons soon, including with the ‘alternate’ ending at the end of season 2. Viewers will be asked to erase memories of the original season closer.

“I guess you can do that. All of TV is a bit of a ‘What if?’ so it’s just changing that ‘What if?’ It’s like those puzzle books, my daughters love them, and you choose your own ending!” she says.

“Culturally it’s a conversation that everyone’s a part of. And because of them we are returned, so in many ways it’s one of those sweet justice moments.”

Dusseldorp is an actress in demand, with a series of Jack Irish to come on ABC, but no word on more Janet King just yet.

“I’ve read the first two eps of Jack Irish and it’s dynamite. It’s the old Linda & Jack (story again)… it does make me laugh. They’ve got their own things going on, which is exciting. And I love working with Guy.

“I’ll have to speak to you later about that other thing. You’ll be the first person I speak to!”


  1. “Glaring imbablance”? Who says that there has to be balance? The Logies suffers enough integrity issues without imposing quotas. What about Aboriginal inductees, disabled inductees, immigrant inductees, left-handed inductees, red-haired inductees? Where do you draw the line on ‘balance’?

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