Oops. Netflix details leaked online?

Netflix's apparent packages and pricing have been leaked online before its official launch, tomorrow.

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Netflix’s apparent packages and pricing have been leaked online before its official launch day, Tuesday March 24th.

A list of TV shows and movies were published on Reddit along with the three tiers of pricing. TV titles include House of Cards, Lost, Homeland, Prison Break, Suits, Marco Polo, Doctor Who, The Killing, Downton Abbey, Spartacus, The Killing, Call the Midwife and more.

Netflix TV shows “leak” here.

According to the leaked list the pricing will start at $8.99 for a single stream (one screen at a time) in standard definition, $11.99 for two streams (two screens at the same time in high definition and $14.99 for four streams (four screens at a time) in high definition and 4K Ultra High Definition when available.

Source: techguide.com

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  1. Netflix basic service is approximately the same price as Stan’s. They are just running their Australian service from overseas so they can avoid charging customers the GST to gain a price advantage.

    S3 of Orange is the New Black goes up in the US on June 12th. There is no reason why Netflix wouldn’t post it for their Australian customers the same time. And they will post S1 & 2 ASAP if they have the SVOD rights for this zone. The reason they weren’t available was most likely because Netflix had them but hadn’t launched yet.

    The majority of Netflix’s business is making old popular content available cheaply whenever you are bored. The SVOD rights for these are available very cheaply.

  2. I’ve had a brief look at the content and not much stands out at this stage. I guess I was looking out for some older content. For example shows that aired in the 80s, 90s and 00s that commercial free to air networks played around with (yes they have a track record) or series and movies that don’t make it to free to air in Australia. Most of what is there I’ve heard of. They make a lot of television in the US (and other countries) and thought there might be more series or telemovies that hadn’t heard of. I think of streaming services as having the ability to air shows that are out of the box not the same old stuff that’s aired on free to air in Australia.

    1. It you click on the picture on the Netflix Australia NZ facebook page it says season 1&2 available March 24. Season 3 june 12. Media reports had indicated previously that this wasn’t available. Wonders whats happened in the mean time?

      1. A lot of the media reporting this were arms of News Corp/Foxtel.
        Netflix style is to just go about business ignoring speculation – I had no doubt they would launch with OITNB.

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