rage restores Top 20 chart


It’s been nine years, but ABC’s rage will finally make die-hard fans happy by restoring ARIA chart videos to Saturday mornings.

In 2006 rage abandoned the weekly Top 50 clips, outraging fans who pleaded for it to be restored. But their cries fell on deaf -or defeaned- ears.

From this Saturday morning it will play the Top 20 clips from 6–8am Saturdays on ABC.

“Since 2006, however, we have played these popular videos in freeform. With rage reviving The Chart get ready to be glued to your screens once more,” ABC said in a statement today.

“The segment will also include chart predictions and appearances from some of the most popular acts of today.”

They will also be repeated Sundays at 9.30pm on ABC3.

Perfect hangover entertainment…


  1. I used to watch rage & Video Hits (on Ten) religiously back in the 90s/early 00s, so was curious to see how this played out. Observations:

    1. The actual ‘Top 20’ didn’t start until around 6:40ish or so, with a heap of filler playing beforehand.
    2. Whilst mostly Top 20 songs there were some ‘Predictions’ interspersed here and there.

    Funnily enough despite being touted as a ‘return’ to good old rage the format actually reminds me more of the old 90s Video Hits (minus the ads) which also did the top 20 songs with predictions, rarities, classics etc also shown throughout its programming.

  2. Awesome change, but why now? At one stage I tried to understand why it had happened in the first place, it seemed a bit obscure, and I wasn’t bothered to get to the bottom of it. What exactly has changed now? I will make sure I find out some time, as that could be 9 years that may not be forgivable.

  3. I stopped buying music when Rage stopped the Top 50 in 2006. Every few weeks I used to watch it, note down the songs I liked and buy them. After Rage dropped the Top 50 there was no way of keeping up with the current hits so I stopped buying and listening to them altogether. How many others did the same and how much damage did Rage do to the music industry by dropping the Top 50?

    • Why limit yourself to just the “current hits”? Particularly in an age where the masses consume as quickly as they dispose. Why do you allow the masses to dictate what you like? It sounds utterly absurd in print yet that is what I’m deducing from your comment. I’ve seen plenty of videos on rage over the years that I’ve enjoyed and sought, many of which would never have come close to cracking the Top 50. There is plenty of music out there that is worth your attention regardless of its popularity. The same can be said of people.

      Besides, the Top 50 charts have always been available for viewing via the ARIA website. Due to classification restrictions, rage is unlikely to screen the Top 20 in its entirety anyhow as there are many risqué videos nowadays that could not be accommodated at a G/PG level (even with heavy censorship). Back when rage used to play the Top 50, I remember that…

  4. The amount of editing required to mask out commercial logos will be a huge job for them. Think that was part of the reason why they dropped the Top 40 years ago.

    • Care to elaborate? Really, I have no idea what you’re talking about here. Music videos don’t have “commercial logos” hard encoded into them. In fact, rage would play popular charting videos all of the time, they just didn’t play them out in the Top 20 structure.

      If anything, they’ll have their work cut out for them censoring all of the videos in order to comply with classification restrictions.

  5. TasTVcameraman

    Oh bring back the days when radio music directors had some input to what was being played, now they do not even say who it is they are playing. Same can be said for Rage, the Rage programmer is kinda determining what every one else plays. What ever happened to the other video music shows. I still say that ABC 2 or 3 could get a really good audience by playing some 60’s and 70’s clips overnight.
    I have made this suggestion to the ABC, but lack of forward thinkers replied that they do not have the budget.

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