Renewed: 2 Broke Girls


CBS has confirmed a fifth season of 2 Broke Girls and confirmed earlier leaks that Mom and Mike and Molly have been renewed.

With The Big Bang Theory one year into a three-season pickup, CBS has now locked in its established comedy series for next season. All four hail from Warner Bros. TV.

All four also air in Australia on the Nine network.

Meanwhile The Odd Couple, also from CBS, is looking promising early on, following a Week 3 ratings lift. It premieres on TEN soon.

Source: Deadline


  1. 2 Broke Girls is my little guilty pleasure. The humour is pretty lowbrow and sometimes a bit predictable, but you can just switch your brain off and watch it and have a good chuckle. Also Kat Dennings is just fabulous. Glad it is going to run for another season.

  2. Good news for TEN that The Odd Couple is holding its own, it’s only got 13 eps as a mid season show but if things go well them I see no reason it’s not picked up for a full 2nd season.

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