Report: Downton Abbey to end with sixth season


It’s been speculated before in numerous articles, and Downton Abbey‘s conclusion is again the subject of media.

US website TV Line is reporting “multiple sources confirm” that the upcoming sixth season will be its last. Normally this is the kind of news that would emerge from UK press, so it’s hard to know how accurate it is.

It claims the cast’s contracts expire at the end of Season 6 and, with one or two possible exceptions, the actors are ready to move on. Maggie Smith is indeed one who has publicly indicated her intent to wrap on the Dowager.

“You can keep the show going without Matthew and Sybill, but you can’t continue it without the entire Crawley family,” an insider told the website.

A spokesperson for NBC Universal (parent of Downton producer Carnival) declined to comment.


  1. I will miss it. I like the characters, the actors and the story lines. Sometimes I watch it and think it would have been pretty interesting to live in that time.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      “…it would have been pretty interesting to live in that time.”
      Only if you had a decent amount of money. Otherwise it’s 20% infant mortality, work hard all your life to buy low-quality food, followed by an early death. And no TV or internet.

  2. Seven will make viewers wait months before actually airing season 6.

    I think series 6 probably should be the last season. I’m not sure how much further they can take it. Though I do think from what I’ve seen of season 5 so far its better than season 4 was.

  3. In a lot of cases when a show wraps up, they have usually had their day. But in the case of Downton, I feel that they could have gone on forever, because of the period that the show is set in, there are endless storylines revolving around history and events of that era to explore. I love Downton Abbey so much, and will be very sad to see it end.

  4. There’s been a lot of speculation about this and Fellowes is of course slated to write a period drama for the U.S. (although he always said he would finish with Downton first). I know when Lily James entered the cast there was talk of her going off to the U.S. (which is where the current season has her going) and then disappearing for a season before a possible re-entry somewhere in the plotline. I enjoy Downton very much although I feel Fellowes stretched the Anna/John scenario into the overdone zone in series 5.

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