Returning: NCIS: New Orleans. Bumped: Empire

2015-03-09_2021TEN has made changes to its Sunday schedule following disappointing numbers for Empire.

NCIS: New Orleans will now air at 9pm Sunday with Empire now pushed out to 10pm.

“Le Carnivale De LA Mort”
The NCIS team needs to solve the murder of a Petty Officer by examining the parades and parties that led to his death. Meanwhile, Pride has to make a tough decision.

A week later after I’m A Celebrity ends everything moves forward by 30 minutes with NCIS: NO at 8:30pm.

It’s a shame Empire hasn’t enjoyed a better launch, but Sundays numbers were so low it didn’t have much choice.


  1. would have been handy to know this earlier, then i probably wouldnt have used an hour watching 60 minutes. Well, that’s annoying. Might have to watch it on tenplay then. Grrr.

  2. Empire would have hit a cord with the younger demographic, despite cultural differences that people are saying Australians would not understand. I feel if it was given the fast tracked premiere and promotion it deserved, the show would have done well here. Only channel 10 could screw up a show that pulls in 4 – 5 million per episode in the States.

  3. That pushes Empire up against Wilfred and Castle (fortunately Longmire has been pushed after it). I’d better get around to checking it out and see if its worth juggling stuff around for.

  4. Michael Young

    Empire is a brilliant show! I would normally never be drawn to a show that has a mainly Afro American cast but the story, characters and performances are so good that it has me hooked! TEN have stuffed it up by their choice of time. Was it up against the Mardi Gras parade … that is like putting it up against Euroivision! Pointless!
    This is also not a show aimed at fans of Hip-Hop music, that is just the backdrop to the far more important drama.
    I will never understand why people would prefer to watch the endless same-same NCIS shows over something innovative like this.

  5. I missed the Pilot on Ten so went to watch it on the new Ten Play app on Appletv only for some reason Empire wasn’t on there so consequently I still haven’t watched any 🙁

  6. I’m just happy NCIS NO is back on- rate it better that NCIS LA- mostly because there is no interteam relationships. I dislike Kenisi & Deeks together.

    Not sure about Empire at this stage, have watched ep 1 & will watch ep 2 on the weekend.

    Have say Empire got me in more than HTGAWM, mostly because I was sick of the ads during the tennis & I’ve read the ep reviews from the US & it seems too melodramatic…

  7. bettestreep2008

    Empire is rating through the roof in America – but has failed spectacularly here in Australia.

    Not a surprise since Ten dumped it on at 10.15pm Sundays – and not fast-tracking it.

    Ten can’t blame anyone but whoever is in charge of programming.

    Seriously – where does Ten get these highly paid geniuses?

  8. It takes a bit of time to build an audience and heavily promoting a new show before it airs then hardly advertising the new show the next week then not at all the week after that doesn’t help in building an audience, Even if a graphic displayed at the end of a program highlighted what it coming up over the next few days; listing what is still to come for the week or the next week, which if there are any start time changes they can be notified. I’m sure a sponsor can be found for it there is still some advertising dollars coming in.

  9. Well done Ten for trying something different in that timeslot. Although Elementary would be more deserving of the timeslot where it has traditionally aired. NCIS NO ratings weren’t much better on Sunday and Ten could hold onto those eps and save us from NCIS repeats during winter.

  10. TasTVcameraman

    Thanks Ten, at least you have put NCIS back on and moved Empire to one hour later. If it had of been Nine or Seven Empire would have been taken off and then put back maybe 6 months later at one in the morning…like Dallas.

  11. I didnt think much of the pilot, but the second episode hooked me. I think this show has a cultural element most Australians don’t relate to and don’t care to understand, rightly or wrongly.

  12. Good on Ten for giving it a shot. A shame it didn’t rate.

    I wasn’t a big fan of their promo campaign for Empire (didn’t showcase much of the hip-hop/musical performances side of the show, focussed more on the ’15 million viewers in the US’ angle) but to their credit they gave it their best timeslot with a strong lead-in from Shark Tank and it just didn’t work.

    Scandal, Empire and HTGAWM are three very popular shows that just haven’t worked here in Aus. Perhaps Australians don’t like shows with African American leads?

    • MuchoTB, your last sentence is laughable and just a bit offensive. There’s plenty of big blockbuster American series with “white” leads that have also failed to pull a big audience here.

      • David said the same thing in Sundays ratings wrap, that ‘shows with predominantly African American casts have struggled here’. I suspect its a case of Australians only wanting to watch shows with casts they can relate to – same reason Home and Away and Neighbors feature mostly whitebread casts

        That is not the only reason Empire failed to rate here but I am sure it played a factor

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