Returning: Psych


Psych returns for its eighth and final season on ONE this week, in the off-Broadway timeslot of 12 midday on Friday.

“Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster’s Goblet of Fire”
Shawn tags along with Gus to London for a Harry Potter convention, but they are sidetracked by Interpol for an undercover assignment and reunion with a familiar face.

This aired in the US in January 2014.


    • They did the same with the last few episodes they showed of Season 7 and had them on Mon-Fri at Midday. Personally I didn’t mind so much as it worked well to PVR them at that time and not have to try and work around the other things that were on, given you get overlaps thanks to not knowing when the channels are actually starting and finishing shows in the evenings.

      Though I understand that not everyone can record things, it does work well for some of us especially when you know Midday to 1pm on a multi-channel, means Midday to 1pm.

  1. Ten tried Psych several times in Primetime for 5 years, but not many viewers watched it so it got bumped to a secondary channel. It was just a niche cable show that was never going to get a large audience in Australia. Ten have shown every episode they had the rights to. I’ve enjoyed them all for free, am looking forward to the last 8 eps.

    Ten showed Monk consistently on the weekends for several years and did reasonably well with it. It was a high rating US cable show but that’s 5m out a population of 300m watching it. 1/4 of what NCIS averages on Network TV.

    • There’s 10 episodes plus a 1 hour special of some kind airing after those 10 have. Psych will air Fri, then M-F and M-F.
      Your comment about Monk is right except that it aired on Sat arvos whilst Ten had AFL, so Monk never actually aired in areas where Ten were showing AFL (I’m in Hobart, we never got Monk, I had to buy the DVDs).

  2. Surely this would have worked better for Ten to have at least played it in the 6pm-midnight period?
    How about:
    Thurs 7.30pm-8pm Last Man Standing
    8pm-8.30pm Sirens
    8.30pm-9.30pm Psych
    Beats having LMS repeats whacked in there.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    A really stupid slot for this outstanding show. i have most of the series on DVD. Would be a good fir after Empire, another good show but not finding its feet here in Australia.
    Programming and content is the key for ratings, here we have the content, but spoilt by programming.

  4. TEN never let this show find an audiance, I remember when it first aired (not long after the US) they had it on for just a few weeks before pulling the show, but I was hooked. Love the comedy, good stories and all round a great but under rated show.

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