Routine Sunday but The Block gains

Ratings: Nine codes The Block in 2 when it really didn't need to, on a fairly standard Sunday night all round.


As Sunday night numbers go there was nothing too remarkable about the ratings results.

Seven and Nine were again in a battle for first and ABC and TEN tussled at some distance.

The Block continues to segment its Sunday episodes into two figures (Room Reveal: 1.26m / Sun: 1.14m), making it their best effort this season.

Seven saw a dip in its entertainment shows, but nothing too distressing, while TEN’s shows lacked the big ticket events of last week.

ABC’s Broadchurch was lost some ground, down from 633,000 last week to 500,000 last night, probably due to a softer lead-in but also audience criticism of a convoluted season.

Thanks to their multichannels Seven network just snatched the night with a 32.1% share over Nine’s 31.8%, the TEN 15.8%, ABC 14.2% and SBS 6.1%.

Seven News was best for Seven on 1.13m then Sunday Night (962,000), Australia: The Story of Us (866,000), Downton Abbey (848,000) and Castle (344,000).

Following The Block for Nine were Nine News (1.15m) and 60 Minutes (1.03m).  But movie: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was just 261,000.

Shark Tank topped TEN’s night on 638,000 viewers. Modern Family returned to 563,000 / 486,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 381,000, NCIS: New Orleans was 314,000 and Empire was a dismal 142,000.

ABC News (739,000) led for ABC followed by an ABC News Special on Malcolm Fraser (500,000). Compass was 272,000 but Fortitude has sunk to 267,000.

On SBS ONE it was a night of history with Lost Kingdoms of Central America (249,000), Rome: What Lies Beneath (242,000), SBS World News (161,000), Nancy Wake: Gestapo’s Most Wanted (114,000) and The Life and Times of Malcolm Fraser (95,000).

ABC2’s Ready Steady Wiggle! topped multichannels with 248,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday March 22 2015.

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  1. Earlier timeslot didn’t help Shark Tank. Leaving last weeks pumped up value, ST gets around 700-750K at a later time slot. Ten basically have not got a new show that replace Celebrity. Also Empire should have gone to Eleven as originally planed, ratings would have been higher.

  2. Hi David, Any idea what the go is with 7 they have put Australia the Story of Us + Downton Abbey on hold during easter then they will return on Thursday Night any idea what they have planned for Sunday Nights? Both shows rated pretty good last night.

  3. Truly disappointing that a show as well done as Empire cannot manage to capture an audience worthy of keeping it going. It’s clear that just because it does well in america…doesn’t mean it will definitely reflect that success on our screens. Its far too easy for us all to just download shows like Empire than wait for it and sit through ad breaks. Maybe with the growing inception of streaming services we will see more success with these kinds of programs.

  4. I now record Broadchurch and watch it on fast forward. You can stop the fast forward at any point and the story is still exactly the same. That’s because nothing actually happens in it. David Tennant even has the same three-day growth in every scene.

    Fortitude has the same problem. Every episode we are reminded about what we’ve seen in every other episode. Yes, there is going to be a scene where the grumpy cop reminds Governor Hildur about her glacier hotel, just in case we missed it the last 200 times he mentioned it. Everyone then mopes around looking glum. Maybe it’s those long winters.

  5. Enjoying Sunday nights on Ten, refreshing to watch a comedy show Modern Family with no canned laughter. Shark Tank good as always, NCIS New Orleans starting to get into it now and I love Empire.

    1. You might have to change your Sunday night viewing from 8.30. NCIS:NO and Empire are not doing well enough to stay there. Nine needs a regular Sunday night series at 9.30 as throwing repeat movies in that run until midnight is not working.

      1. ‘Dragon Tattoo’ ran till 1.00am-it’s a long film with ads. Big surprise that the SBS Rome doco did well given it was a repeat and covered pretty obvious ground so’s to speak…

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