The Bold & the Beautiful 7000th episode


Attention Bold & the Beautiful fans, the 7000th episode is coming.

TEN has scheduled this at the irregular time of 3:30pm Thursday March 26th as a half hour screening.

The daily 4:30pm episode will still go ahead that day.

The reason for the 3:30pm time appears to be classification related, with a PG rating instead of the G-rating tied to the 4:30pm slot.


  1. Thanks for this David. Having already seen the episode, there is definitely nothing PG about it – it is a retrospective episode which interviews the cast. It is strange move by TEN considering they’ve been editing episodes since 1996 so they remain G rated. Could TEN possibly be testing Bold in the 3:30pm slot? That being said, are TEN willing to mess with possibly the best lead in to the 5pm news?!

  2. Is this the first time that TEN are airing The Bold and the Beautiful with a PG rating, or have they aired the show in a different timeslot earlier in its run?

    It’s a little surprising that the producers themselves aren’t taking responsibility for heralding their own “international” version of the show instead of giving TEN free reign to remove entire story arcs and skip episodes in order to adhere to timezone restrictions. But I suppose the producers are only really interested in their bottom line. It’s crazy that such a heavily censored programme would still attract such a devoted following in an age where information is so readily available.

    • @sillygostly. Bold aired at 1pm on TEN from 1987-1996 as PG without edits. From 1996 to present every episode has been cut so it remains G rated.

  3. Not a fan of B&B, but seriously, one hour earlier just to get around a timeslot restriction so it can show a PG episode? These restrictions are seriously so antiquated now.

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