724,000 debut for new Charlie Pickering show


Charlie Pickering’s new show The Weekly has managed to debut higher than the finale of Mad as Hell last week, scoring 724,000 viewers.

It was second in its timeslot and the highest-rating show for the broadcaster after its 7pm News.

MKR grew for Seven but The Block had its best non-reveal episode all season. Seven also enjoyed a big win for Sunrise, as viewers tuned in for an update on the Sydney storm.

TEN’s first of two Parkinson episodes was 485,000 which is reasonable given it was recycling old interviews.

Seven network won with a 34.3% share then Nine 26.8%, ABC 16.7%, TEN 16.6% and SBS 5.6%.

My Kitchen Rules topped the night once more with 1.52m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.14m / 1.08m), Home and Away (861,000), Criminal Minds (848,000 / 605,000) and Million Dollar Minute (546,000).

Nine News (1.17m / 1.07m) was best for Nine then The Block (1.06m), A Current Affair (969,000), The Amazing 90s (625,000) and Hot Seat (582,000). Forever was 319,000.

ABC News (910,000) was strong for ABC then The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (724,000), QI (553,000), Agony (539,000), Antiques Roadshow (347,000) .

TEN Eyewitness News (607,000) was best for TEN. The Project was 598,000 / 472,000, Parky’s Favourite Australians was 485,000, Wonderland was 382,000 / 366,000 across two episodes.

On SBS ONE it was London’s Super Tunnel (278,000), Tony Robinson’s World War I (220,000), SBS World News (178,000) and The Legacy (117,000).

Neighbours was back on top of multichannels at 278,000.

Sunrise: 378,000
Today: 319,000
ABC News Breakfast: 97,000 / 42,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 22 April 2015


  1. I tried to watch it, but I didn’t find him funny. It was like a watered down, more boring version of just Shaun Micallefs bit on Mad as Hell. I might just be used to seeing Charlie bounce of Carrie and Hughesy on the Project, but he struggled to anchor the show alone IMO. Don’t think I’ll be watching next week.

  2. Not too bad for first time out but one segment definitely needs to be dropped – something about telling us what to think – definitely for the cutting room floor! At least we’re rid of that oaf, Micalef!(I won’t even bother trying to guess at the correct spelling of his name – he’s not worth the bother).

  3. I watched The Weekily on Iview and I didn’t mind it but it was a bit of a John Oliver rip-off. But it is the first Ep so I hope it finds its own rhythm after a few weeks.

  4. The show was a mixture of elements “inspired” by both John Oliver and Jon Stewart. The desk looked like it had been lifted direct from The Daily Show studio and Charlie appeared to be channelling John Oliver in places, even lifting whole lines from This Week Tonight. But I think the show should find its own rhythm after a few episodes.

    • Yes, this point was made on another similar story on this site and it’s an excellent one. Lifting whole lines is plagiarism and not what they should be doing at all. HBO has a very good legal team. If they (Pickering et al) don’t have it to be completely original, they shouldn’t have started it. Btw, it’s ‘Last Week Tonight”. I noticed SMH are running a piece on the parallel. Quote “So The Weekly with Charlie Pickering is just Last Week Tonight with John Oliver?”

  5. Think only about half dozen eps of Wonderland to go. Ten will be counting down the weeks. Excellent numbers for Criminal Minds – second ep didn’t start till after 10 and got 605K!!

  6. I enjoyed the weekly his satire about internet piracy was very good. Also watched criminal minds and recorded sons of anarchy on one and usual pawn shows on mate very good night on TV. David did studio ten keep up its figures from yesterday?

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