Airdate: 20 / 20: “Bruce Jenner: The Interview”


On Sunday Nine will screen a 20 / 20 interview with Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer, in which the Kardashians stepfather is expected to discuss gender reassignment.

The interview has been given to the US ABC network instead of E!, with which the family is closely aligned.

Former Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenna breaks his silence on an exclusive one-on-one with Diane Sawyer. This interview comes amid growing speculation about the father of six’s transition to a woman and his involvement in a deadly car crash in California.

This airs in the US on Friday night and will screen in Australia at 10:30pm Sunday for two hours.

Episodes of The Following and Almost Human are out for the night, but will resume, most likely on May 10th with the Logie Awards in play on May 3rd.


  1. Bruce Jenner’s interview will also air Live and Direct from the US at 11am Saturday April 25th on Sky News Business, for those who have Foxtel and don’t want to wait for Nine’s airing.

  2. well done David Gyngell on getting this fast-tracked now this saves me the time to watch it online. I will be eager to see this interview. Hope it rates well. As much as i like Stalker, interview should be after 60 Minutes and have Stalker on after that.

  3. I must say that Bruce Jenner is in a much better financial position to make the transition than any other transsexual I have ever known of. Not that looks are everything, but he will be able to afford the surgery to make himself as convincing as possible.

    • Indeed..however I have briefly mused over the fact that he is transitioning against a background of a group of women totally devoted to looking as [magazine] beautiful as possible. Is that at all daunting in terms of how he views his future? Can he ever reach that zone with them? Perhaps Sawyer may ask that.

  4. I’ve been really looking forward to this, it will be good to hear about Bruce’s experience direct from him, particularly after all the endless tabloid speculation he has endured. I think he is very brave and will help people understand what it feels like to be transgender.

  5. This will be interesting. When I first read that Bruce was transitioning, I was convinced that it was just a crazy rumour, or a Kardashian publicity stunt.

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