Airdate: Our Girl


On Thursday ABC airs Our Girl, a telemovie about a young working class English girl who joins the British Army to rise above her circumstance.

This was then approved for a series, which continues next week.

Lacey Turner (EastEnders) puts in a strong performance in the lead role.

There are 6 parts in total.

Our Girl follows East London lass Molly Dawes (Lacey Turner) as she embarks on an emotional rite-of-passage as a young female medic in the British Army’s final deployment of troops to Afghanistan.

Molly is a feisty working class girl with loads of friends, a dodgy boyfriend and little hope for a bright future. After her unemployed dad gets himself into a risky deal that threatens Molly’s safety she goes out and gets blind drunk. Needing to find some purpose she joins the British Army. At first she cannot obey a single order from Corporal Geddings (Matthew McNulty) but soon she finds the discipline a liberating experience. As a result she decides to join up with the Royal Army Medical Corps and undergoes training. She is thrilled to bits when she gets called up to join one of the final battalions being posted to Afghanistan. But things don’t turn out quite as she expected.

While disobeying orders to prove her mettle as a medic, she wins the love and trust of her fellow soldiers and the greater respect of her commanding officer Captain James (Ben Aldridge). But with that love and trust comes personal dilemmas as the rules of duty conflict with personal desires.

Our Girl is at heart a love story between Molly and Captain James, complicated by the admiration of a working class private nick-named Smurf (Iwan Rheon) who can see in Molly a brave and determined soldier and not the fearful girl he assumed her to be. Molly’s eyes are opened too to the wider world in which she now finds herself where the realities of life for the ordinary people of Afghanistan contrast so widely with the taken-for-granted realities of her own life back home in England.

8:30pm Thursday ABC.


  1. Really enjoyed the show, but annoyed that some storylines, such as the early treatment of Molly by captain and others and the band/singing and swimming pool, have been edited out in Australian episodes. They helped explain the relationships and life for women in the army, but they were also entertaining, so things weren’t all drama.

  2. Another brilliant episode, following Molly’s journey as they arrive in Afghanistan. To see her blossom from a cocky east end girl to a real soldier is beautifully played out by Lacey Turner. Cannot wait to see how the relationship with her CO develops….who couldn’t fall in love with the handsome Captain James!

  3. This program gets better and better leaves you wanting more ..just loving Molly Dawes and Captain James the chemistry is brilliant and what a great bunch of lads 2 section are ..never wished for a week to go so quick

  4. A great first episode. Lacey Turner is just superb as Molly Dawes.
    After a prickly start when she joined 2 section she showed the Dawesy spirit in saving Smurf and earnt the respect of her section and more importantly her CO.
    Ben Aldridge as Captain James is the poster boy for Sandhurst and delivers a solid performance.
    This promises to be an interesting journey for this group of soldiers. Roll on ep2

  5. I`m really enjoying this programme specially as it shows the Afghan war from a woman`s viewpoint. It really brings home just what soldiers go through in a war zone and the difficulties they face dealing with a dangerous job in extreme conditions. I really look forward to seeing how Molly`s journey continues next week.

  6. Love the way it shows looking at a warzone through a young girls eyes. I can feel her fear! She has so much to prove to everyone. Such a captivating story.

  7. First episode brilliant. High production values and excellent cast. Gets over the 95% boredom 5% terror of tours in Afghanistan. Very good use of contemporary music.

  8. One of the best new dramas from the BBC in many a year. The writing is wonderful from the very talented Tony Grounds and Lacey Turner is a revelation as Molly Dawes, the young girl who finds herself after joining the army. I would urge people to watch this if they can.

  9. This show was a massive hit in the UK. Brilliantly written by Tony Grounds. The cast are brilliant. Lacey Turner nails it as Molly. It gives a real insight into life for the army and the locals in Afghan. The banter between 2 Section is hilarious and the love triangle keeps you hanging. You have to watch all the episodes right to the end…..

  10. Thoroughly enjoyed this show! Just goes to show what you can achieve even with the odds stacked against you. Fantastic writing & a real challenge successfully met by Lacey.

  11. Throughly enjoyed first episode and can’t wait to see rest of series ..think it’s great to see a story involving army from a female point of view ..fairplay to writer Tony Grounds for attempting such a unusual storyline …brilliant writing

  12. It’s rare to find a program that captures you from the get-go.
    I was rooting for Molly thru out. She is going to come good.
    Great writing by Tony Grounds. Inspired choice to cast Lacey Turner such a great actress and so perfect as Molly.
    It can only get better…

  13. Our Girl is a great new original drama, paying homage to our young service men and women.Lacey Turner is wasted in East Enders, such a talent. Can’t wait to see how the series develops, have read great things, especially Tony Grounds the writer

  14. A fantastic heart warming, inspiring show. It shows with hope and determination you can achieve your dreams.
    Excellent cast, superbly written. Best show I’ve seen in a long while. Bravo!

  15. Don’t know what prog the first reviewer was watching. Thought it a fantastic and inspirational rite of passage drama. From no-hope to professional soldier. Lacey Turner amazing as Molly Dawes and excellent script by Tony Gounds

  16. Great show and Lacey is fantastic! Shame she’s just floating on EastEnders at the moment with no real storyline to sink her teeth into. She is a wonderful and powerful actress given the right material.

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