1. The Power of Ten was excellent and informative…..Seven need to be congratulated for investing in a a quality doco on Australian history….Something the commercial networks very rely do… and should….and with these recent ratings probably will not again. Very sad.

  2. I believe part of the viewing problem is that the audience were not prepped for the shows that first came out (too early) this year. The government offered a fair number of grants etc to projects but where has been the 2015 public ‘announcement’ that this year was a special one in our history – and a collective backing from say both sides of government. No preparation means many in the general public were/are largely unaware of what this day represents and the too-early shows weren’t as well received as they may have been if they had been aired over the Anzac weekend. David is right, if you didn’t like the drama, try and watch a documentary. There are so many evocative and brilliant stories and I hope most of us can spare a little time to recall those who served. Read something on the War Memorial site if the TV shows aren’t pinging your interest.

  3. To add another general comment aimed at the Networks: too many ppl are going else where to view content with streaming services or just switching off. The ANZAC theme is only suffering due to viewer fatigue with poor programming and over saturation via advertising! Not sure how the additional Renovatuon shows will fare…

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