Bondi Vet’s Dr. Lisa set for Nine series


Dr Lisa Chimes from Bondi Vet is about to have her own series on Nine, Dr. Lisa to the Rescue.

Being produced by WTFN, the series is currently potential new owners who are considering adopting a pet from an animal rescue shelter (includes singles, families, couples, same-sex etc).

“We are looking for people who are serious about looking for a dog; want a dog; and will look after a dog and give it a ‘forever home’. You also need to be passionate about getting a dog from an animal shelter,” says a casting notice.

Chimes, who has been with Bondi Vet on TEN since its debut in 2009. Yesterday a TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight she remains with the show.

There’s no payment for participating in the show, but you do get pet food and products for your new pooch. And stars in doggie heaven.


  1. Dr. Lisa is lovely, but how many of these dogs stay in their homes. I met a woman who has recently filmed with them and was told she couldn’t return the dog until after the show aired. This is just cruel.

  2. Rather than Channel Nine taking others ideas, to me this comes across more as WTFN shopped this idea around and Nine are the ones who picked it up, after all WTFN make Bondi Vet and they made the special about getting a new dog that TEN had on. Much like WTFN shopped The Wild Life of Tim Faulkner around and TEN passed on that (because of Totally Wild) and Nine picked that up, this comes across more like that same scenario.

    Plus if we’re going to get nit-picky about these types of shows then we must remember that it all really started with Burkes Backyard on Nine, even Dr Harry was plucked from Burkes Backyard to go to Seven where he did Talk To The Animals which was an extended version of his Burkes Backyard segment (of course even Better Homes And Gardens was originally made as competition to Burkes Backyard).

    Anyway Dr Lisa Chimes comes across as a good host for this and I’m…

  3. Channel nine only take other channels ideas because they cant think of anything for themselves lately, they think the ratings for them will go through the roof but it doesn’t normally happen that way as viewers still prefer the original versions of a show.

  4. Confused…just read the casting call article and says they are just looking for same sex couples?

    Is that because they have found enough singles/famlies etc or because they have changed it?

    • No, it’s because it’s a gay paper, they are targeting same sex couples there. But I spoke to WTFN who expressly said they are seeking a variety. If you are keen use the same email regardless.

  5. I’ve always found Lisa fantastic on the show, so I’m not surprised that Nine have picked this up considering they have the Tim Faulkner series too who also appears on Bondi Vet.

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