Is this the dullest title of the year?


Adelaide Oval – The Untold Story is the gripping title of a special to air on Seven Adelaide this Sunday night.

And it even runs for 90 minutes.

I thought April Fool’s Day was on Wednesday….

Since its redevelopment, the Adelaide Oval has been an outstanding success, re-establishing Adelaide’s place on the national and global sporting and event stage and in the process revitalising a city, even redefining a State.

Adelaide Oval – The Untold Story , a 90-minute documentary hosted by Graham Archer, tells the story of how Adelaide Oval was transformed from iconic cricket ground into one of the most spectacular stadiums in world sport. And how it almost didn’t happen.

Adelaide Oval – The Untold Story will air on Channel 7 on Sunday at 9pm, immediately after the live telecast of Fremantle v Port Adelaide.

Adelaide Oval – The Untold Story traces the turbulent origins of the project, from the acrimonious 40-year divorce between South Australian football and cricket to the clandestine meetings involving the AFL and SACA, the secret deals, arguments and political fall-out.

The documentary features more than 20 individual interviews with all of the major players in the deal and also the new faces of the Oval, including former AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou, current AFL boss Gillon McLachlan, former Adelaide Football Club CEO Steven Trigg, Crows captain Taylor Walker, Port Adelaide superstar Chad Wingard, former SACA president Ian McLachlan, former treasurer Kevin Foley, Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann and respected ABC cricket commentator Jim Maxwell.

Adelaide Oval – The Untold Story includes revelations such as:

– How a seemingly innocuous car journey changed the course of history.
– The SANFL’s previously unseen detailed plans for a $635m covered stadium in the city.
– How the AFL convinced the State Government to pull a $100m commitment to the SANFL.
– And how a famous dinner in Melbourne finally brought the warring factions together.

The documentary also explains the risks and pressures of the 100-week build process, the scramble to launch in time for the Ashes Test and Showdown and the outstanding success of the new stadium.

Sunday April 5 at 9pm on Seven Adelaide.


  1. Serious question. Will this be screened outside of Adelaide or on the web? I really want to see this (he says with a straight face).

  2. “one of the most spectacular stadiums in world sport”,I hope the above picture is pre upgrade otherwise I sense 90 minutes of jacked up nonsense…

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    I don’t think I could stand that much sustained excitement for 90 minutes. I hear that it picks up the pace in the middle where there’s a 15 minute time-lapse sequence of the grass growing followed by another 15 of the freshly-applied paint drying.

    Closing scenes are of the mighty River Torrens majestically winding its way between the Oval and the CBD of low, squat office blocks before it exits a rubbish-filled grating under a road and disappears into the sand before it even gets to the sea.

  4. ” the risks and pressures of the 100-week build process”. 100 weeks = 2 years. Spare me, please. The Chinese can build a 100-storey hotel/office complex in half that time.

  5. I live in Adelaide, and I couldn’t care less about it. We know the troubles with the upgrade as the 6pm news always thought it was headline news every night. I watch many documentaries about architecture and the construction of many famous buildings and structures around the world. This building does not fall into that category.

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