Joel Creasey wants talk show


Former I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here cast member Joel Creasey wants his own talk show, which has led to speculation he could front a format with Chrissie Swan.

“There are talks,” he tells News Corp.

“Channel 10 gave me my first commercial TV gig so they are always number one. You won’t be able to get rid of me, you will be seeing me on television. I want a talk show, I find it crazy that there isn’t a talk show here in Australia.”

Presumably he means of the Oprah, Ricki-Lake genre. Many have tried, but none has really gotten off the ground in a country where audience members are reluctant to speak their mind. Culturally, we differ markedly from America’s desire to grab the microphone with both hands.

Creasey credits the TEN reality format with netting him “heaps of bookings” this year (which is kinda the point of participating).

Chrissie Swan makes her second appearance on Studio 10 today.


  1. How lovely it must be to live in dream world where as a twenty something you think that all your ideas are new and all you have to do is bleat and your dreams come true. Once again, the gen Y sense of entitlement shines through. Hard work, experience, knowledge of the format you are talking about and runs on the board……that’s what counts, not just saying ‘me,me,me’. Good luck though, in one sense he is right we do need a talk show.

    • Some people are just naturals bedders. I reckon Joel could make a good go of anything he tried his hand at, regardless of knowledge or experience.

  2. He seemed good on The Project but may need more experience. I would love a Network to be brave enough to open up a studio at Midnight and let some up and coming TV talent, producers etc. just go for it with a very small budget. Not much interfering from the network and to allow for creativity. I bet they would discover some amazing talent.

    • In a way that’s been done via say the now defunct Zapruder. The trouble is, and I think Jayne Fonda said this best, what some people think is marvelous when stoned is not so great when you are straight. She was talking about movie watching but the point probably applies. It’s not easy to get a new concept up but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t keep trying of course.

  3. Yes please. I’d watch Joel and Chrissie do a talk show! Would be awesome. We don’t have one and haven’t had one since Rove. Badly in need.

  4. “Many have tried, but none has really gotten off the ground in a country where audience members are reluctant to speak their mind. Culturally, we differ markedly from America’s desire to grab the microphone with both hands.”

    Err… when was the last time somebody “spoke their mind” on a talk show? You’d surely have to go back to early Parkinson or The Mike Walsh Show. For at least the past two decades talk shows have been exclusively about “celebrities” spruiking their film, CD, TV series or product sponsorship. Or, on very rare outbreaks of something resembling entertainment, atoning for some kind of PR mishap (see Hugh Grant). On the Graham Norton Show discussion is rigidly confined to nude scenes, wardrobe malfunctions and sexual/scatalogical misadventures, even if the guest is Judi Dench or Robert de Niro. Any instance of a guest actually engaging their mind on any…

    • I agree with that quote. Remember Jerry Springer? Aussies would tend not to want their most base experiences and feelings put on a major public audience screen. Jerry did one show where he brought on an anti-Semitic person and said he would keep calm. The guy wound up suggesting that Jerry’s mother’s skin should be used to make a drum (something that has happened to others in real life) and Jerry flew at him and producers had to hold him back. But, “I have sex with my mother’s gerbil” is something that Americans seem so willing to share whether that be true or not. Aussies will discuss others with that bent but tend not to be so personally disclosive. It’s quite base television.

  5. I really like Joel. He is funny, witty, intelligent, not to mention good looking. I think he would be perfect for a talk show concept, and teamed up with the very likeable Chrissie Swan, a match made in Heaven.

  6. I know I’m going to regret this, but : who is Joel Creasey? What’s his claim to fame?

    I mean, I’d heard of, heard, & seen Rove / Kate / Shaun / Chrissie / Charlie / Carrie / Waleed / Wil / Hughesy / Corinne etc. before they ever went near anything resembling a Tonight show. But, apart from the bits of IAC I watched, I’ve never even heard of him – and even then I assumed he was just some rando plonked in there to make the actual ‘celebrities’ stand out.

    That’s a pretty big stumbling block if you’re trying to get a talk show off the ground…

    • OK, on Googling it turns out that I have heard about him – I’ve seen bits of a couple of his shows in various places, knew about the Colac incident (and even watched the ABC doco on iView) and remembered the Joan Rivers thing.

      Maybe he’s just instantly forgettable for me…

  7. Would love a Aussie late night talk show not a Oprah more Conan and better then rove but he shouldn’t be the host of one his too annoying and not a fan of his voice, much better out there

  8. The Things I've Seen.

    I wasn’t sure about this. But if he and Chrissie Swan did something together, I might be tempted to watch. They have a good vibe together, they seem to be on similar wave lengths and work well together. (I’m focusing more on the time they both appeared on The Project then IACGMOOH) I’m just not sure if he can hold a show on his own. But I am prepared to be proven wrong.

  9. TasTVcameraman

    A Graham Norton type show could work, Enough Rope worked but it is a matter of finding the correct host and the guests, and the right time to air the show.
    The figures for Graham Norton are not setting the world on fire, a great show, sometimes a bit over the top but always entertaining.

  10. ‘Presumably he means of the Oprah, Ricki-Lake genre’
    Oh really! I was kinda hoping that by talk show he more meant something along the lines of a night time talk show similar to ones they have in America like Kimmel, Fallon, Letterman etc. We haven’t had anything similar on Australian TV since Rove left the air.

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