May 4 for MasterChef week?


Pencil in the week of May 4th as the likely launch for MasterChef.

While the post-Logies week is no real surprise as the week new shows will roll out, yesterday TEN sent out an amendment in which it withdrew previously scheduled episodes of The Odd Couple, Gold Coast Cops, Bondi Rescue, David Attenborough, Modern Family repeats and even The Living Room (TV Tonight tipped these as possible red herrings).

Monday – Friday at 7:30pm is now officially TBA. It still risks going head to head against either Reno Rumble and / or House Rules. There is also a risk MKR may not hold its Grand Final until Tuesday May 5 after it had a Tuesday, which would match the 2014 final.

MasterChef Australia is set to return to our screens with a fresh group of home cooks eager to tackle challenges that will see one of them take home the title of Australia’s next MasterChef. These are ordinary Australians who can do extraordinary things for the love of food.

As chefs, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris are relishing the chance to mentor these high-calibre cooks, pushing them to better their best dish each time they tie their apron strings.

Renowned food critic and fellow judge Matt Preston will motivate, educate and stimulate the contestants to harness their skill and creativity to continually raise the bar. Celebrated chef Shannon Bennett joins as a guest mentor this series, guiding the home cooks through testing times.

Season seven also boasts some of Australia’s and the world’s best chefs including Maggie Beer, Massimo Bottura, Curtis Stone, Rick Stein, Heston Blumenthal and Marco Pierre White, to name just a few.

With all these ingredients, it is a recipe that will take our contestants closer to achieving their food dreams and changing the course of their lives, as they compete to be the next Australian MasterChef.


  1. Now that you know MasterChef David, when you do you think you’ll find out about Reno Rumble or House Rules. Could it be a three way.. on May 4?
    Do you not get their amendments too? It seems all very late in the piece to me.

  2. May 4th for Masterchef? I’d reckon that the launch show might be slaughtered by MKR Grand Finale. Please schedule this to Mothers Day as I wanted a good lead in to the show. And better have an earlier starting time at 7pm.

  3. May the 4th be with you Channel 10 and MCA.
    I love MCA and can’t wait for it come back on i prefer it over MKR.
    i would have
    Bold and Beautiful 4.30pm-5.00pm
    Ten News 5pm-6pm
    The Project 6pm-6.30pm
    FF 6.30pm-7.00pm
    MCA start after Family Feud.
    Plus i would leave TLR where it is.

  4. I agree, don’t touch TLR! Its building. I remember they shuffled it once when they had American Idol in the slot…to 10.30. Very stupid move

    • Ten never had TLR at 10.30. The latest it has been is at 9.30pm but that was with a lead in by American Idol. American Idol was at 8.30 at one stage. The Graham Norton was doing so well at 8.30 on Fridays but nonetheless it will build prime time share on Fridays.

  5. italianguy1987

    Starting MCA at 7pm is a hotly debated topic. everyone wants it to happen, it will help increase the ratings and leave other channels in its dust but for some reason channel 10 doesn’t want to do it.

    So easy to do it like this –

    3.30pm – Bold and Beautiful
    4.30pm – NEWS
    5.30pm – Family Feud
    6pm – The Project
    7pm – MasterChef

    See i don’t even work at the network and i’ve got the right idea.

    • That is a terrible idea. Don’t touch The Bold and The Beautiful at 4.30pm. Don’t move Ten News from 5 and never move FF from 6 to 5.30 as Ten would probably half its value of FF against HS and MDM. The Project doesn’t work at 6-7.

  6. Ten should hold MCA out for a while. Maybe launch it on May 24. The Odd Couple, Gold Coast Cops or even Bondi rescue aren’t doing too badly. Just play them out in full. Never ever touch The Living Room.

  7. TasTVcameraman

    Probably the best of the reality shows in my opinion, I think Ten needs to plan the intro very well, I do not envy the network in trying to set a date for this as the other two shows are hot on its tail.
    I wonder could they steal a bit by starting at 7.00 om instead of 7.30.

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