Multi-platform release for Sunday

Indie Aussie flick will become the first film to premiere on SVOD at the same time as cinema and DVD.


Independent Australian feature film Sunday will become the first film to premiere on SVOD at the same time as it has a cinema and DVD release.

The film co-written by its stars Camille Keenan (Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, Satisfaction) and Dustin Clare (Spartacus, Strike Back, ANZAC Girls) premieres on Stan this Sunday, May 3rd,
as well as via DVD, iTunes, Sony, Xbox, Google Play, Fetch TV, Vimeo on Demand, Reelhouse & Dendy Direct.

It follows a successful multiplatform launch in New Zealand, as a proactive approach to audience accessibility and piracy.

Eve and Charlie are about to have a baby, but are no longer together. After years of history and months of separation, they have 24 hours to find their wa
y forward. Set in Christchurch, New Zealand one year after the earthquakes that devastated the city, Sunday is a story like the city: one of past devastation and a chance at rebuilding.

Written by Camille and Dustin together with director Michelle Joy Lloyd, Sunday is a classic tale of two people whose lives intertwine with the city they inhabit. Set in Melbourne and Christchurch, the film is set one year after Christchurch’s devastating earthquakes. While it is not an earthquake film, it is a story like the city of Christchurch: one of past devastation, beauty and a chance at rebuilding bigger and better than before.

Dustin Clare said “As independent filmmakers we want to make our film accessible to the widest possible audience and we need to respond to the changes taking place in our industry. A multi-platform release responds to these opportunities in an innovative way, with audiences being the ultimate beneficiary. “

“In many parts of Australia people would normally be waiting a long time after the release date before the film reaches them. Video On Demand and streaming services like Stan are completely changing access, which is why it is such an exciting opportunity to partner with all these great platforms in launching the film nationally.

“We created this film to be viewed on the big screen and hope that audiences respond to that in the cities and town where we have secured theatrical screenings. But in the many parts of Australia where the film is not playing in cinemas, we invite audiences to ‘watch it your way’ by providing so many options.”


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