Nat Bass quits The X Factor

Aussie judge will now be a permanent fixture on NZ series, in the latest shake-up.


The latest shake up to The X Factor for 2015 is the exit of Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

She confirmed her departure today on Twitter.

Bassingthwaighte stepped into the New Zealand series following the exit of Natalia Kills and Willy Moon.

The news follows confirmation Ronan Keating is now out, and Dannii Minogue’s return.

News Corp reported earlier this month that Redfoo would not be back, although there seems to be conflicting information on this point.

Earlier reports also speculated about “two new superstar judges” to join the show in 2015.

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  1. I made a remark here about Dannii Minogue – seems it got shunted out. What I said was that Dannii carried credibility from her YTT days that made here a good choice as X-Factor judge. I suggested she should be accompanied by other ex-YTT members, Tina Arena and John Bowles or Jane Scali and Jamie Redfern(see comments I made elsewhere). Of the three judges(/) who’ll join Miss Minogue now, only one carries any value as a judge, Chris Isaac. The other two aren’t even worth mentioning.

  2. How ironic considering this happened with AGT. Keep Dannii and the host and remove the rest. Is there only going to be 2 more seasons of this too?

  3. i think channel 7 should have this line up of judges….Ed Sheeran, Jessica Mauboy, Dannii Minogue and Guy Sebastian. All are very talented singers, all have big careers and all know how to make it!!

  4. Kinda sad to see Nat leave. I’d love to see P!nk on the panel but i don’t think that will happen. Jessica Mauboy was great when she came in last year and she would be great. I just hope they choose the right judges. Seven had just better make sure they choose the right mix. I hope rumours of Sophie Monk are not true.

  5. Loved Nat best thing on that panel! Hopefully someone just as like able will replace her! Like Ricki-Lee or Jessica Mauboy! Heard whispers Robin Thicke may be involved though!

  6. I knew she wouldn’t come back think it has something to do with 7, though strangely enough will miss her screen presence. I have a feeling Jessica Mauboy will replace her. Danni should be the only original with 3 new judges & new host this show needs it to snatch better ratings this year.

  7. Well I thought she was always the most annoying – hyperactive and not really providing any productive feedback. Just lots of “You go, girl!” and screaming. Delta is The Voice’s equivalent.

    1. Depending on how long the House Rules season is. Reno Rumble only goes for 6 weeks so The Voice is more than likely going to get the jump on X Factor. Last year Masterchef really impacted on both shows.

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