Peter Russell-Clarke, still one of a kind…


One of TV’s first celebrity chefs, Peter Russell-Clarke -now in his 80s- shows no signs of slowing down.

Russell-Clarke, who presented over 900 episodes saying “G’day” on Come and Get It for the ABC also turned his other skill, drawing cartoons, into painting.

One Malaysian businessman, liked his paintings so much he commissioned him to paint works for office buildings all around Asia.

“They buy big paintings, God bless them, seven foot by five foot big things and they order them in batches. They’ve asked me to go over to hold an exhibition in Malaysia in Penang. They’ve also asked me to do a television program over there,” he says.

He reflected on his varied career with ABC Radio National this week saying, “I was illustrating and writing for television when [TV] first started. In fact, I did the first flip-card that appeared on television; it was a caricature of Alwyn Kurts.

“But I also wrote the odd script and I thought there was a place for a cooking show. So I wrote a little script for a cooking show and I thought I’d put in a little bearded chef to do the presenting, because the fellow in front of the camera gets more money than the bloke who writes the bloody stuff.

“So I popped myself in front of the camera and said g’day.”

As nostalgia fans will remember, he also said a whole lot more in a now-infamous bloopers on You f***ing Tube -but they don’t make ’em like him anymore.

As he tells ABC, “I don’t retire because I’ve got nothing to retire from.”

You can hear his interview here.


  1. Lucky enough to have spent some time with Peter and his wife though my work recently and they are both the nicest sweet people ive met. Sadly, Peter isnt looking as great as in the photo, but looking pretty fit for his 80s!

  2. I feel old i remember the show peter looks great for someone in his 80s he also did a small guest stint on prisoner in one of its worst storylines

    Where’s the cheese

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