Presto viewers binged on zombies over Easter weekend

14% of all Presto viewing over the long weekend was for The Walking Dead.


We don’t have any “ratings” for streaming services but since Presto added the first 2 seasons of The Walking Dead to its streaming service on Good Friday, it’s going off with audiences.

The Walking Dead was by far and away the most streamed single show on Presto across the long weekend capturing almost 14% of all TV viewing on our service,” Shaun James, Director of Presto and Foxtel On Demand, said.

“We saw a massive uplift in subscribers joining Presto over the weekend and The Walking Dead was definitely the main course on their viewing menu with many watching multiple episodes across the first four days the series has been available.

“While The Walking Dead led the way, Presto subscribers drove overall viewing to record levels over the long weekend with TV titles such as Modern Family, Wentworth, Entourage and movies such as Bad Neighbours and A Million Ways to Die in the West also attracting strong viewing.”

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  1. Apart from cost, is there any technical or legal reasons why any measurement company like Neilsen, Oztam, etc can’t measure streaming service ratings? Or would they need permission from the streaming company to see what people were watching?

    1. I suspect the streaming companies would consider this commercial in confidence at this point in time, as it would reveal how many subscribers each has. OzTAM is looking at catch-up site data for the future and yes there are a lot of technical issues there, because not all things are equal regarding the platforms.

      1. I can see both side’s view on the issue. It’s a bit tricky noth technically and commercially, and as you say there would be some unfair comparisons made along the way between total subscriber base, what counts as a single view, etc.

    2. Ratings only exist to set advertising rates.
      Streaming services don’t carry advertising – so no need to measure “ratings”

      No doubt presto Stan and Netflix know what content is getting the most steaming

      But more important would be what content is driving people to subscribe at $10 a month

      That’s what Netflix does in the us now. When Netflix advertises a new series in print online tv or billboard ads, a code is given. When you join you are promoted to enter that code

      Netflix can then track what shows are driving subscriptions

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