Reality finales looming


Finales are looming for My Kitchen Rules and The Block which will mean early evenings are about to get a shake up on commercial networks. In theory anyway.

The Block has its auction next Tuesday April 28. Blind Freddy can see the 90 minute TBA sitting in Nine’s schedule for Wednesday 29th will be the season finale. That would suggest Reno Rumble as a starter for Monday May 4th, following plenty of Logie night promotion. This year’s Voice season isn’t expected for some time yet.

Meanwhile MKR is now entering its finals having settled on its Top 5 teams. But first it is insisting on (yet another) lap of the country with its ‘Ultimate instant restaurants.’ Final teams include Drasko and Bianca (WA), Eva and Debra (WA), Will and Steve (NSW), Jac and Shaz (QLD) and Ash and Camilla (VIC). There’s still no word if the finale will go head to head with the Logie Awards (it did not last year) or in the days thereafter.

That mystery is giving TEN some grief as it awaits a launch for MasterChef Australia, with its current schedule lacking a compelling stripped format, and no premiere yet declared.

Tellingly in the week of May 3rd TEN has scheduled episodes of Gold Coast Cops, Bondi Rescue, David Attenborough plus Modern Family repeats, but none have synopses -suggesting they may well be red herrings.

But MasterChef could prove to be fortuitous for TEN as Nine and Seven go head to head with renovation shows, as Reno Rumble takes on House Rules.

Time will tell for all.


  1. Are 9 for real? Following a reno show with another reno show, with another series of the first reno show later in the year! What a way to kill the golden goose. Desperate times!?

  2. It’s sad when networks commission shows purely to try and kill off competition, and that clearly is what Reno Rumble is all about by taking some House Rules favourites and pitching it against House Rules.

    It would be interesting David if you could pull out some schedules from 10-15 years (heck, even as little as 5 years) ago to remind viewers what the networks used to look like when each day of the week was actually different. Even when Ten had Big Brother that was done by 7.30pm most nights.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    Ho hum another round of contrived reality shows, meanwhile shows like Empire and the Good Wife do not get the ratings that they deserve. I normally hate two episodes but last nights episodes of Empire were done well , edited out the starts and so on…well done Ten !

  4. Masterchef promos are great. Finally an actual cooking show will be on. Watch mkr but cooking seems to take a back seat. Masterchef has always been the fave in my household. Can’t wait!

  5. In a few seasons time, MKR will be going for the whole year – gets longer with each season!

    I remember the first season or two were perfectly timed to finish before Easter non-ratings – I know they would struggle to get a show finished before Easter in years that Easter is in March (like 2016) but it was good to have it finish before then onto something else.

    Seen ads already for 2016 contestants for MKR – same with The Block over a month ago – looks like same start of the year next year too.

  6. Ten could be a surprise winner, with House Rules and Reno Rumble splitting the audience. Renovation fatigue will have set in by a few weeks time you’d have to think. If not, maybe next year Ten can bring back The Renovators and we can have reno shows on all three networks!

  7. I am excited to see the battle. Personally, I am rooting for Ten and Seven. I am not so sure about Reno Rumbles – the promos so far look like The Block.

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