Renewed: Fortitude


Arctic chiller Fortitude is set to have a second season.

SKY Atlantic this week announced it has been recommissioned for 10 episodes in 2016.

With a cumulative UK audience of 2.66m the series is SKY Atlantic’s most successful original commission and has been sold to over 100 broadcasters including the ABC in Australia.

Simon Donald, creator and lead writer adds “It’s a privilege to return to Fortitude. It’s a place where the real and the feared live side by side, where old dark secrets thaw out into the chill light of the arctic day. I’d never been anywhere like Fortitude before and I can’t wait to go back”.

Zai Bennett, Channel Director, SKY Atlantic, said: “Simon Donald created a unique and unsettling story which, week after week, has captivated our customers. I am absolutely delighted that we will be bringing Fortitude back next year with a story that promises to engage, challenge and enthral us all over again.”

Returning cast will be announced at a later date.

Fortitude is currently airing Sunday nights on ABC.


  1. People who gave up on this (and I understand why they did because it’s sloooooww) have missed a treat. Fortitude started out like a British copy of a Scandinavian crime drama, then it went in an unexpected direction. From ep 7 onwards (it’s 12 eps) it’s refreshingly bonkers! It also gives Game of Thrones a run for its money in bumping off key characters so Season 2 may have to start from scratch.

  2. It was glacial. More happened in the single X-Files episode Ice than the entire series.

    They killed the only likable character in Fortitude of in the first episode. All the rest where unlikable and enigmas, in the sense that they were so badly written you couldn’t figure out what they were doing or why from scene to scene. Tucci was good, but again his character was largely wasted for episodes at a time just doing stuff that didn’t matter at all to the story.

  3. Glacial alright but I stuck with it and it has improved over time.
    The last couple of eps have been the best – really intriguing. Of course the setting and landscapes are the real stars of the show.
    10 eps is too drawn out though – 6 or 8 would have been plenty.

    I presume the new series will be a brand new story arc with some new characters? THey surely couldn’t drag out the current one for a further 10 eps..

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