1. It’s been enough of a success that Lifestyle would probably go ahead with a second season without Ten, though I can’t see Ten not wanting to be involved. Hopefully they will shift it to earlier in the week – I always forget about it on Thursdays (reminder is set for tonight!).

  2. Great news.
    Really enjoy this show – one of a very few decent things on Ten.
    Actually think they could easily have extended the current season for a while longer.
    Perhaps whilst the current crop of contributers are having a break, they could bring in a brand new bunch of participants for an extra season in between.
    I’m sure there would be many willing volunteers that would put their hand up.

  3. It’s definitely a developing concept. Some groups barely get a mention (the Jackson family as much of the content is too risqué for children) or they are dull (nearly everything the Delpechitras have contributed) but they’ve found some gems in Angie & Evie, Adam & Symon and Anastasia. Hopefully some of the groups are rotated out for season 2 and we see something more consistently compelling.

  4. I quite like this show – enjoy Symon and Adam and those Greek women. I imagine apart from a small mobile crew it would be an extremely cheap show vs something like IACGMOOH to make so fair enough it is renewed.

  5. At first I wasn’t too keen on this show. But I really like it now and its a good laugh. Glad its coming back later as there are more shows for them to watch! I understand that they would need a break from having cameras in your house.

  6. Yay! I thought I would despise this but it is so good!
    It would work as a long run series though.
    Would like to see them watch themselves… now that would be very funny.
    Good to see the Goggleboxers are watching other shows, other than ones on TEN and Foxtel/LifeStyle. Will be interesting to see how they react to Game of Thrones.

    I thought it would be renewed on TEN already because didn’t they jointly commission it with Foxtel?

  7. As a massive fan of the UK version, I didn’t initially like the Aus version. It eventually grew on me, really like Symon and his housemate, and a few others. The father with the wife as two daughters does bother me, he seems to completely overreact to everything and who wears business attire all evening?

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