Returning: House Rules


Hear that? It was a starting gun being fired somewhere in Programming land as Seven confirms its premiere for House Rules as 7:30pm Tuesday May 5th.

Updated: My Kitchen Rules has its finale on Monday May 4th -leaving Nine and TEN now likely to launch Reno Rumble and MasterChef against House Rules (to be confirmed).

Get set for a new series of House Rules which has so much more to reveal. Australia’s biggest renovation show is back.

Six new teams from around Australia are set to embark on a ride of a lifetime, putting their homes on the line and their skills to the test, as they battle it out to become mortgage free.

Together, they’ll travel the country, hand over the keys to their homes and leave their opposition to transform every room in their house in just seven days!

Host Johanna Griggs will be in the thick of the action as these six brave teams gamble with the most important possession in their lives.

Acclaimed designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave will be supervising the teams, who have only one week to completely transform each home.

Guided by just five House Rules, the teams will each be given a designated zone in the house and they must draw on all their creative talents, determination and strategy to achieve the most stunning reveals.

The whole house reveals are what sets this show apart. Nothing can match the feeling because it’s their own home.

Expert judges – award-winning architect and designer Joe Snell and Home Beautiful magazine editor Wendy Moore – will score each team for their work. But the last word will go to the home owners.

Without knowing who was responsible for each zone – the home owners will score each transformation. Will they love or loathe what they see?

Scores will be revealed at Homebase, where one by one the teams will be eliminated.

The two teams left standing will face-off in the Grand Final for a chance to win the most coveted prize on Australian TV… their entire mortgage completely paid off!

7:30pm Tuesday May 5th on Seven.


  1. The only Aussie reality show I really watch, though Seven pushed my limits towards the end last year by taking forever to get from the last house reno to the final.

    Interesting too how “acclaimed designer Carolyn Burns-McCrave” pretty much headlines the press release. Really think she is the shows weak link and most of her advise last year either resulted in low marks from the judges if it was taken or high marks if it was ignored.

    The only appeal Renovation Rumble has is it has some of the House Rules alumni, but I think the relatively short history of reality TV shows that trick doesn’t usually work.

  2. Is it me or am I suffering deja vu all over again? I swear at least one female and one male on one show or the other were also on similar shows last year.

  3. Don’t know if Reno Rumble will fare that well coming of the back of The Block with basically the same format, it will mean than close to 6 months of the same thing most nights of the week, at least House Rules is a different kind of renovations show, really don’t know what is wrong with channel 9, they have lost all of the originality that they used to have. Such a shame to have to see nine like this, would have to be on of the most boring channels there is at the moment.

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