Sam Frost returns as TEN’s Bachelorette


Jilted Bachelor winner Sam Frost will return as The Bachelorette for the spin-off series on TEN.

Frost, 25, was famously dumped by Blake Garvey after being chosen in the final last year in what became one of the year’s biggest media scandals.

But she returns for the short-run series which will follow a feature season of The Bachelor later this year.

“TEN asked me late last year and I wasn’t really interested in doing it … it took me a long time to actually decide to say yes,” she told News Corp.

“I asked my sister, “what if the same thing happens again? what happens if I end up getting heartbroken again?.

“But with some encouragement from her and my brother, I ended up deciding to do it. It wasn’t an overnight decision, that’s for sure, but I just have a why not attitude, so I just couldn’t really pass this opportunity up.”

Earlier this year Programming Chief Beverley McGarvey told TV Tonight she wouldn’t rule two seasons in or out for the future.

Bachelorette is a short series. It’s a stunt, an event series. So we’ll do it this year,” she said, “but will we do it again next year? Who knows. But we’re not really doing that many more hours of the shows combined.”


  1. That’s disappointing news, I was looking forward to it – The Bach was my guilty pleasure last year – but I’m not going to watch Sam as The Bachelorette. She seemed like a nice enough ‘gel’ on the show but the whole aftermath carried on for so long that I’m really over her, Lisa, Louise and Blake. It also makes her ‘heartbreak’ look like a bit of a joke if she’s wanting to parlay it into an ‘opportunity’. I so wish they’d chosen Laurina! She’s got so much spunk and completely owned the show last year.

  2. Sam’s carry on in the aftermath of The Bachelor was a bit of a turn off. Personally I would have preferred Laurina to be the first Bachelorette. I am dire need of another dirty street pie.

  3. “one of the year’s biggest media scandals” – Well, admittedly, there’s been no ‘cash for comment’ or similar in the last year, but really?

    “what if the same thing happens again? what happens if I end up getting heartbroken again?” – “Doctor, doctor! It hurts when I do this!”

    “I just have a why not attitude, so I just couldn’t really pass this opportunity up” – A “why not? They’re offering me money and the sort of fame you could only otherwise get from winning ‘Funniest Home Videos'” attitude.

    “It’s a stunt” – No it’s not. Climbing out of your moving car & posting it on YouTube is a stunt. The Yorkshire tradition of putting weasels down your trousers is a stunt. This is just blatently manipulative cash-in tripe.

  4. Michael Young

    “A stunt”? That’s and idiotic view!
    Bring on the men … it is much more interesting than the Bachelor every time! I find the Bachelor very boring.

  5. I wasn’t a Sam fan on The Bachelor, and came to like her even less after the seemingly endless publicity seeking through the broken engagement fallout. So I’m pretty disappointed by this news. I’ll be giving the Bachelorette a miss.

  6. I’m very surprised of all former girls in season 2 to be picked, 10 would pick Sam. She’s had enough media attention in my opinion and her shot at love. She was proposed to all said and done….and got a very nice ring. I was really looking forward to watching this but now it’s Sam I’m less inclined. Having said that I wish her all the best in finding happiness.

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