Sam Johnson: ‘TV means pretty much nothing to me’


Actor Sam Johnson has given a surprisingly candid interview to Meshel Laurie for her podcast, Nitty Gritty Committee.

Johnson, who currently presents SBS 2 series Hipsters and has recently been filming Seven’s Molly Meldrum miniseries, did not look too kindly on The Secret Life of Us when he was on it.

“I was young so I was having an active kind of social life, so Secret Life was an annoyance that I had to fit in,” he reflected.

“I had to squeeze in 12 to 14 hour days with this piece of shit that had no credibility whatsoever. I couldn’t even believe I was on it. I couldn’t believe my life had come to that and I’d ended up being just this TV whore.”

Johnson appeared across all 4 seasons. He later had an ongoing role in Rush, also produced by John Edwards for TEN and remains prolific as a voice over artist. But he also added, “When I was that age, TV meant less to me then than it does now and it means pretty much nothing to me now.”

That’s going to make publicity for Molly somewhat trickier for Seven, I would imagine.

As he outlines in the podcast, Johnson has endured a lot personally. Last year he made a profound lap of the country on a unicycle in an amazing fundraising bid that perhaps allowed for plenty of think time.

And no TV.

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  1. I think Sam Johnson is an incredible person.
    These comments could be taken out of context and were more intended as a ‘they mean nothing compared to what I’m doing now’
    The work he has done for Love your Sister is nothing short of incredible. I was at Fed Square when he rode in after the trip around the country raising awareness and funds and it was incredible moving.

  2. So what. So TV means nothing to him – who cares? For him it’s just a job, he doesn’t have to love it. Do all of you love your jobs? I think it’s amusing and refreshing he’s so candid about it. Channel 7 contracted to play a role, he’s done his job, nothing more. He may well be risking future work opportunities by being so blunt, but why live in fear of the big bad all powerful networks? Any producer who would not give him job based on these personal remarks is petty and small. It’s only TV.

  3. If he hates TV that much, then quit and do a 9 to 5 job. Working on TV is a privilege. I’m sure the thousands of out of work actors would jump at the chance to be in some of the shows he was in.

  4. Wow, very surprised by his comments indeed. I know he has had a lot of personal trauma over the years, with the suicide of his partner, and his sisters battle with cancer, but his comments are just so negative, that as said David, it could make publicity for the Molly project very awkward. I hope he was just having a bad day, and his attitude to the horse that feeds him improves.

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