SKY News “resting” Keneally and Cameron


SKY News political talk show Keneally and Cameron was absent from screens in its usual Friday slot yesterday, replaced with The Friday Show hosted by Janine Perrett.

Hosted by former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally and former Federal Liberal Minister Ross Cameron the show first aired last September.

Cameron tweeted yesterday that the show was being “rested.”

Whether that means it has been quietly axed or not is unclear.

SKY News did not respond for comment before deadline.


  1. Which ever Sky News programmes Cameron and Rowan Dean are on loses credibility. For both men to stay relevant to the public means these men have to get crazier and crazier with their comments. Would love to see a real Lefty on Sky News instead of the lefty Apoligist, you know the ones who go on Sky News and mainly agrees with with the Right Wingers and apologies on the Lefts behalf!! Would love to see Cameron and Dean getting shot down live on tv, would make for great viewing!!!!

  2. I noticed Kristina Keneally was absent from the show the last couple of weeks with Janine Perrett replacing her. Perhaps she’s a little to left for their liking.

  3. Kristina Keneally is a real talent on Sky and should be given more opportunities to host. Ross Cameron tries to dominate the time on the show through his verbose ramblings. You can often watch Keneally looking at him thinking to herself when in God’s name is he going to stop! Perhaps someone like Peter Reith would be a good substitute for Cameron but he’s in Melbourne and may not be available for the show. In any case, I hope it returns but with a new co host.

    • daveinprogress

      I agree with you on Kristina, Vince, but i can’t bear Peter Reith. Ross may ramble, but he is far more reflective than Reith. The latter just dogmatically states his view. Ross Cameron famously announced it was all over for Abbott and his govt that week that the spill was brought on, Both trainwreck type viewing and crazy at the same time. Keep him. Keep him and Keneally.

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