Sunday Night crew joins Hugh Sheridan in Nepal


Sunday Night has accompanied Hugh Sheridan in Nepal as part of his search to find his brother, Zachary.

Reports indicated Sheridan was travelling with a ‘helicopter, satellite phone, small crew and doctor’ in the search for his brother.

Yesterday it was confirmed Zachary had been found.

Seven has released a statement confirming the show’s involvement:

Seven’s Sunday Night has travelled with Hugh Sheridan from Los Angeles to Nepal following the devastating earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation on Saturday.

Hugh and his brother Tom were together with Sunday Night when they learned the news they’d been hoping for, that their younger brother Zach was safe. Until late yesterday he’d been unable to get a message out of the remote area he had been travelling in.

The program, along with Seven’s Health Editor and Australian Red Cross Ambassador Dr Andrew Rochford, is continuing to assist Hugh and Tom to reach their brother and endeavouring to provide medical and communications assistance to others in Nepal affected by the earthquake.


  1. Are they bringing their own food and water and shelter? If not, they’re just straining local resources unnecessarily. If you want to help, donate money to people offering practical help, like MSF, the Red Cross or Unicef.

  2. Channel 7 would have wanted to get an exclusive as would any other channel, but at the same time are helping to re-unite a family after such a devastating time for everyone and should be thanked for the help they are giving as should all the other volunteers.

  3. Honestly people, what is so tacky about it ? I think that Sunday Night is probably doing a story on the earthquake in general, and Hugh’s search for his brother is one aspect of the story.

  4. I was wondering how an out of work actor managed to get a helicopter and a satellite phone. Although in saying that if I had a brother missing after an earthquake and I had the means and opportunity to do it – I would do exactly the same thing… Lucky for them this one had a happy ending..

    • From’s Hugh’s perspective I agree with you that one draws upon all their resources in a situation like this. From’s Seven’s perspective I can see a world disaster with an Australian celebrity involved is tempting, but they will have to wear the audience reaction (and I’m not sure you can presume he is out of work).

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