Survey says more kids more mobile

2015-04-27_0140A survey conducted by Cartoon Network has found that children control $1.8 billion in spending a year, up from $1.6 billion in 2013.

Now in its 11th year, the New Generations survey analyses the media habits and spending power of Australia’s youngest consumers by evaluating 1,001 responses from child and parent pairs.

“The overall spending power of kids has increased substantially since 2013 but there is still a divide between the total income of boys compared to girls even though girls earn slightly more when it comes to paid work and money given as gifts,” said David Webb, Director of Research and Planning at Cartoon Network’s parent company Turner International Asia Pacific. “The research also shows that boys spend their money on higher value items compared to girls.”

The report also shows that kids are increasingly becoming more mobile in how they access the internet.

Surveying online users, over a third (37%) of 4 to 14-year-olds use a tablet device and two in 10 via mobile phones – with 14% now owning a smartphone – up 8% from 2013 when the last study was undertaken.

Playing games is still the most popular online leisure activity for kids, followed by watching videos with average daily viewing times increasing to 24 minutes, up by 33% since 2013. Apps continue to dominate tablet use with 83% of kids using them up 20% from the last survey, evident with Cartoon Network apps in the App Store achieving more than half-a-million downloads, holding number one spots in the Top Apps category and recognised for innovation in the App Store’s “Best of” selection.

“As tablet and mobile devices continue to proliferate homes, the way kids access entertainment and games continues to evolve,” said Mr Webb. “We’ve seen a significant shift in the amount of time spent watching online videos because of this, but playing games and the use of apps is still how kids choose to spend the majority of their online leisure time and there’s no indication that this trend will change.”

While digital media consumption is strong, television remains the dominant entertainment and information source for kids, with 85% watching the larger screen. It is also the preferred way for kids to learn about things that interest them in including toys, games, movies and technology. Kids are continuing to watch TV alongside their parents with seven in 10 regularly viewing movies, cartoons and comedy programs with their children in the last week.

“Television is the number one media for kids. Outside of their friendship group it is the most important media when it comes to how they find out about new things that appeal to them. This, coupled with the fact that the majority of kids spend time co-viewing with the household purchasing decision maker every week, means TV is still the most effective advertising medium for reaching this important audience.”

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