The Missing Evidence: April 1


Tonight’s episode of The Missing Evidence on SBS tackles the mythology of Big Foot.

Check the date and view with caution.

Stories of a giant walking creature have been told for centuries in the remote landscapes of Tibet and North America but it wasn’t until, in 1951 the explorer Edmund Hillary took a photograph of huge footprints in the Himalayan snow that the legend took off. Very soon, eyewitness reports from the US and Canada suggested that an ancient species of hominid had survived in the remote American wilderness. Using the latest analytical techniques, psychology and evolutionary biology, we interrogate eyewitness accounts and the arguments for and against the existence of Bigfoot. In a revealing conclusion we reveal the prime suspect behind the continuing Bigfoot myths.

8:30pm Wednesday SBS ONE.


  1. Surely the missing evidence is just *Bigfoot*.

    Did anybody watch? Did they go with the unknown Himalayan bear explanation? There were some bear hairs found a few years ago.

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