The Missing Evidence: April 8

Over 2000 planes have crashed in The Nevada Triangle. But why?


Tonight marks the season finale of The Missing Evidence on SBS, which has rated well for SBS.

This week’s topic concerns The Nevada Triangle where over 2000 planes have crashed. But why?

The Sierra Nevada is one of the most beautiful and dramatic places in America. A land of extremes – from mountain peaks to scorching deserts – it is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers. When billionaire adventurer, Bob Fossett failed to return home after a routine flight, the ensuing search uncovered a terrible secret: the Sierra Nevada was a graveyard for over 2000 crashed planes, over 20 times those lost in the Bermuda Triangle. But why? UFOlogist, Jeff Gonzales believes that the answer lies in the notorious Area 51.

8:30pm Wednesday April 8 on SBS ONE.

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  1. We’ve seen how this show works now. They start of with the crazies and in the end they will conclude that it is an area with very heavy air traffic, by amateur pilots who are flying at high altitude, over deserts and mountains, so its not unexpected.

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