Timeshifted viewing: city vs city.

Dr. Blake, Elementary, Vikings -how Timeshifting tastes differ across state lines.


In Perth they love catching up with Elementary, in Sydney they prefer Forever and in Adelaide it’s Broadchurch.

How do cities differ in the shows they are watching on Timeshifted viewing?

Dramas still dominate our Timeshifted habits, but our tastes vary across statelines. While Melbourne and Brisbane enjoy catching up with Vikings on SBS, Adelaide and Perth are big fans of Survivor.

Gogglebox is also popular Timeshifted title for Perth while ABC2’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom makes Brissie’s top ten.

Here are the results for the last available full week March 29 – April 4. The week does cover a non-ratings week, meaning some big titles were off air.

1 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
2 How To Get Away With Murder Seven
3 Elementary TEN
4 The Good Wife TEN
5 Revenge Seven
6 Grantchester ABC
7 Grey’s Anatomy Seven
8 Vikings SBS ONE
9 Broadchurch ABC
10 Law & Order: SVU TEN

1 Forever -Wed Ep2 Nine
2 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
3 Elementary TEN
4 Forever -Wed Nine
5 Stop Laughing… This Is Serious ABC
6 The Good Wife TEN
7 Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell ABC
8 Law & Order: SVU TEN
9 Criminal Minds Seven
10 Grey’s Anatomy Seven

1 How To Get Away With Murder Seven
2 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
3 Revenge Seven
4 Elementary TEN
5 Grantchester ABC
6 Law & Order: SVU TEN
7 The Good Wife TEN
8 Broadchurch ABC
9 Vikings SBS ONE
10 Grey’s Anatomy Seven

1 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
2 How To Get Away With Murder Seven
3 Grey’s Anatomy Seven
4 Ben And Holly’s Little Kingdom ABC2
5 Grantchester ABC
6 New Tricks ABC
7 Forever -Wed Nine
8 Modern Family TEN
9 Vikings SBS ONE 45,000
10 Gogglebox TEN

1 Broadchurch ABC
2 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
3 How To Get Away With Murder Seven
4 Shark Tank TEN
5 Elementary TEN
6 Grantchester ABC
7 The Good Wife TEN
8 Survivor: Worlds Apart GO!
9 Modern Family TEN
10 Outback ER ABC

1 Elementary TEN
2 The Doctor Blake Mysteries ABC
3 Gogglebox TEN
4 New Tricks ABC
5 Survivor: Worlds Apart GO!
6 Revenge Seven
7 The Amazing Race Seven
8 The Good Wife TEN
9 How To Get Away With Murder Seven
10 Stop Laughing… This Is Serious ABC

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  1. ABC-TV is definitely on a winner with The Dr. Blake Mysteries. I, for one, eagerly await the next of hopefully many more series yet to come. This series certainly deserves to last long into the future. I will watch it directly in real-time, or timeshift if I’m going out anywhere.

  2. @Guy: I have some data that includes DA; from memory it was either #1 or #2 on both numbers & % in each city, & not far from neck & neck with Dr. Blake.

    @Wawasjohn: On the other hand, people are skipping / not seeing as many ads when timeshifting. So the network’s choice boils down to “what people want to watch” vs “what brings in the most money” – you can probably guess why they lean so heavily on ‘must see’ / ‘watercooler discussion’ stuff like reality…

  3. It’s funny how people just pvr dramas and not reality when for me I would rather tape reality fast forward the ads finish 45 mins earlier and watch dramas live cause only 20 mins of ads, I record both don’t watch much live tv only while having tea

  4. Now doesn’t that show that we want more drama and less reality, most of those are on late so only option is to record them, survivour should not be on at 9:30 with Big Bang repeats before it, elementary should be on at 8:30 and so on,

    but won’t chnage until people stop watching reality, which we did some what but now there just doubling and tripling up the same reality show each year, block and MKR should only be one season a year and not on every night and one hours long

  5. Very interesting. Of course Downton Abbey didn’t air the week you have reviewed either and it always has a high time-shifted audience. I love PVRing my dramas to skip the ads but i do watch some live.

  6. Thanks for that David; as you may have noticed I’ve been poking around with those numbers myself.

    The ABC would have to be happy with Dr. Blake – not only was it regularly making the top 2 or 3 on Friday overnights, it was picking up some of the best absolute & % increases in timeshifted too.

  7. Thanks David, was there any data on the little island to the south, and their viewing habits?

    It was good to see that the Good Wife is watched along with Elementary.

    Wednesday night is my time shifted night usually as I watch ABC and then watch Wonderland and the Good Wife straight after, making it a late night.

  8. Like seeing the regional differences.

    What’s the measure here – are these lists the most timeshifted in % terms (how much each show grows relative to it’s live audience) or absolute terms (the shows with the most DVR playbacks)

    That makes a huge difference.

  9. Now we know why reality and the news tops the ratings because the next day it’s ‘old news’….you can’t catch up on MKR etc the next day because there is another episode to watch the next night. Why we love watching drama ‘later’ we can watch it on our terms. Interesting stats David how viewers vary across the states compared to national figure. I timeshift probably 90% of my dramas with Revenge and Wonderland usually the only ones I watch live. Dramas like Dr Blake, GA, HTGAWM for example I watch later. Now SOA has returned that will sit on my PVR until I have all 10 episodes and then my husband I & will binge view like we always have.

    Thanks again for posting interesting info on timesifting.

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